My Creator, My Love by Irma L. Williams

My Creator, My Love
Irma L. Williams - 6/2000 ©

I’ve fallen in love with You
I’m not sure of what to do
My heart is swollen with adoration
Filled with awe and gratification
I know now that this has happened
I won’t be able to live without You

You touch me in places
I didn’t know existed
Parts of me that will yield only to You
Areas that are “off limits” to man
Pit holes and pot holes that no one can
Reach but You

Your Words shine light in those places
As they are spoken they fill the spaces
That once were so void and so neglected
Because most of my life I had been rejected

You say I’m fearfully and wonderfully made
More beautiful than a star lit night
And more priceless than shade
On an August day in Atlanta

None else is allowed where I let You go
No one else can get close
To the me that I give to You
Only Your Hands are Big enough
Yet gentle enough to hold me without
Dropping me and saying,
“Oops, I was just playing”

Yes, Someday I’d like to be married
But I’m not sure there’s a Tom, Dick or a Harry
That I will love as utterly as You

My God, how I love You!

Irma L Williams - 6/2000 ©

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