A Change is Gonna Come by Shelia E. Lipsey

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A Change is Gonna Come by Shelia E. Lipsey

For those of you who are old enough, there’s a song that is so special to me. It was song by Sam Cooke, who I believe is also the writer. I can only share the first line to stay away from copyright infringement, (but you know you can Google anything these days.)

One of the lines is “It's been a long time coming, But I know a change is gonna come.”

At last change has come. Who can’t help but see the change when we turn on the television and look at the first African American First Family. How can we ignore change, when millions turned out, black, white, Hispanic, and all ethnicities to cast their votes for this man.

A change is not only gonna come for the Obama family and for America, but change is gonna come for me and you too. A change is gonna come when we learn to look up and believe that God is a sovereign God. He sees no color, no class of people, no poor, no rich, he sees us all in the very state that we are in. If we learn to look up and believe God, we'll find a God who can clean up our mess from the guttermost to the uttermost. If we just look up and believe we’ll find a God who can heal our deepest hurts, turn our greatest bad to our greatest good, carry us when we fall, speak to us when we can’t hear from anyone else. If we look up and believe that God is who He says He is, without seeing Him, you still can know Him because He will make himself known to you. He will carry you through the worst of times and through the best of time.

I talk from what I know. I talk from life’s experiences and the cruelties and injustices placed upon me because of my physical disability. Yet through all of the hurt and turmoil, God has remained faithful. He will do the same for you if you only look up; believe that He is the one and only risen savior.

Look at what He has brought to this nation? A change is gonna come through the man God has sent to be President of the United States of America. It is time for a new way of life, an awakening from debt, destruction and despair. It is time for God to show that He is more than enough and that without Him, we will do nothing but fail. President Obama is not the messiah or anything like that. We must not confuse him as being that powerful. But I do believe God has placed President Obama in the position of president because he wants to show the world that He along is the one who makes the call.

Let us stand together as a people, celebrate our culture, our heritage, our ancestors 365 days a year. Let us seek to right the wrongs of injustice and support each other, share with each other, help each other. Let us stand up for our new president, President Obama.

Then, my people let us go to God the Father and ask him for His forgiveness. Release all that you have held secret for so long. Give it to God, tell Him about it. You’ll see, just like we never imagined a First Black Family in the White House, that God is able. Imagine your life being renewed, revitalized, and saved all because you believed. I promise you, if you seek God, He will show himself and you too will say, “A Change is Gonna Come.”

Shelia E. Lipsey is an award winning Christian fiction author of five books, a copyeditor, literary expert and inspirational speaker. She resides in Memphis, Tennessee with her son and two Siamese cats. Shelia is also the founder and Executive Director of Living Your Dreams Now Foundation, a non-profit organization that helps others learn how to identify, capture and live their dreams now! http://www.shelialipsey.com/, http://www.livingyourdreamsnow.net/

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