Be A History Maker by Pam Perry

Black History Month: Be A History Maker
By: Pam Perry (

There are those who watch what happens, those who make things happen and those who don’t have clue to what happened!

African Americans once had a lot civil rights giants among us: Dr. Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, and Coretta Scott King. They were people who “made things happen.” We miss these heroes.

But we must make and celebrate new ones. How? We must do more than just teach our children about history, but teach them how to be history makers and world changers! We must motivate the next generation to make an impact on the lives of others.

When we inspire youth to dream, to visualize a better world, to be action oriented and to help others – we will all have success. This generation must impart strong values into the next.

It’s good to highlight the achievements and applaud the milestones in Black history month – but it’s time we get serious about training up leaders for the next generation and look at what our legacy will be to them.

Have we done our part? Are we just watching what happens, complaining about what’s happening, or making plans to make some things happen! Make it your mission to be a history maker, world changer and inspire others to do the same.

Bottom Line: “Remember that our cause is one, and that we must help each other, if we would succeed” Frederick Douglas. The millennium version: Teamwork makes the dream work!

Pam Perry ( is the author of “115 PR Tips to Brand Your Ministry” and “Synergy Energy: How to Market Your Book, Grow Your Business, and Brand Your Ministry.” She can be reached at or at 248.426-2300.

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