12 Brown Boys by Mr. Creative/Omar Tyree

12 Brown Boys by Mr. Creative/Omar Tyree

Best-selling author Omar Tyree makes his children's book debut with 12 Brown Boys, a collection of short stories for middle readers that focus on the lives of Black pre-teen boys. Readers will connect with Tyree's engaging characters.

There is Red Head Mike who hates his nickname, but hates his red hair even more, and Chestnut, who is sent to live with relatives down south to keep him out of trouble in his Brooklyn neighborhood. There is Santa Monica super kid William, whose status as a scholar and entrepreneur has even his best friends hating him, and Wayne, who resents his role as the oldest child until a tragedy strikes the family. Tyree has assembled a wide range of characters that reflect the diversity of experiences of Black boys - characters that are funny, serious, edgy, street-wise, studious, and all unforgettable.

About the Author
A New York Times bestselling author of books for the adult market, Omar Tyree is a winner of a 2001 NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Literary Work and a 2006 Phillis Wheatley Literary Award. He has published 16 novels and five anthologies. 12 Brown Boys is his first book for young readers.

Reading level: Ages 9-12
ISBN-10: 1933491124
ISBN-13: 978-1933491127

Let's teach all of America's children the important of READING, WRITING, THINKING, VISUALIZATION, and APPLICATION through the wonderful life skills of LITERACY!

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Urban Literacy Project
Is a non-profit 501(c)(3) company conceived in February 2005 by Omar Tyree, a New York Times bestselling author, a 2001 NAACP Image Award recipient for Outstanding Work in Literary Fiction, and a 2006 Phillis Wheatley Literary Prize Winner for Body of Work in Urban

The mission of the charitable company is to raise funds for the goal of increasing the overall literacy rate among urban and other disadvantaged youth and citizens through informative lectures, panel discussions, performances, presentations, enrichment opportunities, workshops,
book donations, and special events that provide access to resources that will foster achievement
and utilization of higher literacy.

Specific Instruction

***) Enthusiasm - The number #1 Technique of inspiring literacy is through
the instruction of Reading, Writing, Thinking, Visualizing and Applying the
following methods with energy and excitement. Kids and adults alike must be led to
understand that literacy is exciting. And without Enthusiasm, even the best
programs can fall on death ears. Therefore, all instruction, lectures, writers,
illustrators and artists must begin with full understanding that the Urban
Literacy Project strongly encourages Enthusiasm in all of its programs. And the
lack of Enthusiasm will not be acceptable.

#1) Reading - Reading includes the 5 Senses. Reading is seeing, hearing,
tasting touching, and smelling. The questions to ask then become: What does it
look like? What does is sound like? What does is taste like? What does it feel
like? What does it smell like? And each sense has a multiple set of follow up
questions that can be asked for the purpose of description. That’s what we do
when we Read. We Comprehend and Decode all of the information that is right in
front of us. Reading is a description of the 5 Senses and more. Reading gives
us a description of everything in the universe. Kids and adults need to
understand that clearly.

#2) Writing - Writing includes plenty of courage to Express. One cannot
express himself or herself if they are afraid of their own voice, afraid of public
opinions, afraid of peer pressure, afraid to be different, afraid to make
mistakes, or insecure about their appearances. No one is perfect, and our
differences are what makes us all unique. Therefore, children and adults alike must be
encouraged to accept their own perspectives, get over their personal fears,
and Express Themselves with confidence. This is what we do when we Write. We
Express ourselves regardless of the various fear factors. And once we become
fluent with our Expression, we never lose it.

#3) Thinking - Thinking is mental activity and honesty. We are always
thinking about something, but we are usually not honest about those thoughts. We
generally keep our thoughts to ourselves. In fact, we get used to it. And once we
get used to our thoughts being overly private, those Creative thoughts become
trapped in our minds and are no longer valuable to the world. However, people
who are given the credit for Thinking are those who learn to express or act
out on those thoughts with zeal and Passion, and acknowledge their thoughts
with honesty. This is what is means to Think, to acknowledge ones mental
activities and bring those ideas into the world. But in absence of the acknowledgement
of Thinking, humans would have no Creativity. So we much encourage the Passion
, the activity, the acceptance, and the honest expressions of thought.

#4) Visualization - Visualization is an additional skill used by humans who
move forward toward progress. Seeing is believing. So when we Read, we should
Visualize what it is that we are Reading. When we Write, we should Visualize
what we are Writing. When we Think, we should Visualize what we are Thinking
about. Visualization makes it all work. So we must learn to Visualize everything
about our future, and work to make those visions a reality. This is what
successful people do in every field of humanity. They imagine what they want in
their minds, they develop it, they learn to describe it, and then they go about
producing it. Visualization is a very powerful tool that all children and
adults should learn and be taught to utilize in every facet of their lives. And to
become literate, without developing the use of Visualization is unacceptable.

#5) Application - Application is using what we have learned effectively.
Application is the Implementation and use of the Product and Service of the
lesson. But it is indeed naive to assume that everyone will use the same amount of
education, knowledge or skill to move forward in life. However, we must
encourage at least an acceptable level of Application from everyone. To learn and to
not apply the lessons effectively, is again, unacceptable. This is why school
systems have developed testing. The Urban Literacy Project and it’s
representatives will all be taught and trained to apply the methods of success in their
instruction, lectures, events and programs, but it will ultimately be up to
the teachers, students, parents, and adults to Apply what they learn to life.
Nevertheless, is the mission of the ULP to make these successful methods of full
literacy available to as many undeserved and economically limited areas as

Prepared by Founder & Chairman - Omar Tyree

Words From The Chairman

“I will not stop pushing literacy until I’ve done all that I can personally do to improve the reading, writing and thinking skills of each and every child and adult, and that includes financial literacy.” - Omar Tyree

Readers, Writers & Thinkers Rule The World!


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