Intimate Conversation with poet LadyVee DaPoet

Intimate Conversation with poet and author LadyVee DaPoet and Ella Curry of EDC Creations

LadyVee DaPoet is a spoken word artist and published poet originally from Augusta, GA. She is known as "the poet with her own theme music" and her poetry performances include props, music, and the visual expansion of language. Her debut poetry collection is a 50 poem, 5 chapter celebration of out-the-box, unpredictable thought titled ‘Imagination Overload’. ‘Clenched Teeth Smiling’, her second book, is a collaborative poetry collection that includes poems from a male and female perspective. It also includes artwork from Florida and Atlanta sketch artists. Both books are available for purchase via PayPal on

As an advocate for quality, creative expression she is the Co-Organizer of the Quality Poets Society ( group encourages over 170 writers, artists, and musicians in the metro Atlanta area to expand their artistic talents through workshops and exclusive ‘Open Mic’ events. LadyVee is available for spoken word performances, booksignings, copyediting services, and consulting.

Ella: LadyVee, please tell us about your passion for writing and your books.

'Imagination Overload: The Life Inspired Poetic Verse of LadyVee DaPoet' is a literary celebration of life, love, heartache, art, and observations and reflections. This book is a 50 poem, 5 chapter collection that takes the reader on a rollercoaster ride adventure that explores all facets of the human experience. I offer the reader an opportunity to relate and examine their emotions through artistic language.

Ella: Finish this sentence: I am Powerful because...
I am powerful because I empower others by helping them realize their creative potential and abilities.

Ella: Where are you from? How did you start your writing journey?
My hometown is Augusta, GA. I currently reside in north Atlanta (Sandy Springs). I started my writing journey through spoken word poetry. In middle school, poetry was a way for me to express my deepest emotions. I started writing and sharing my work with my peers who encouraged me to perform. By high school, I was writing 'performance poetry pieces' and the positive response from my audiences led me to write my books. My books are my gifts to the people that relate to and are enlightened by my poetry.

Ella: What makes your book stand out and would entice a reader pick it up?
My book stands out because of its mystery. LadyVee DaPoet's front cover picture with her smokey eyes and a teasing finger pointing to the first page entices the reader to walk in footsteps that were previously safeguarded and hidden from view. The format of 'Imagination Overload' is highly organized and each poem is of a different style. The reader is lured into the poems thinking they are about LadyVee's personal world. He/she finds out, however, that these poems reflect the image of the lives we are ALL living.

Ella: Ultimately, what do you want readers to gain from your books?
I would like readers to gain the knowledge that all human beings are united by the same feelings and emotions. No matter if you are male or female, old or young, and no matter what color your skin is, we all travel through the chapters of this book. In 'Life' we have to create our own unique identity. Eventually, we fall in 'Love' with something or someone who (hopefully) appreciates the unique individual we've created. Everyone experiences 'Heartache' and is left to evaluate and improve themselves if necessary. Over time, we are touched by 'Art' and it educates and changes us in a negative or positive way. Finally, we are left with our 'Observations and Reflections' of the world around us and those lessons guide us to our destiny. The five chapters of my book give the reader the affirmation that, although different, through our emotions we are all human and thus the same.

Ella: What would you say has been your most significant achievement as a writer?
My most significant achievement as a writer was having my debut poetry collection 'Imagination Overload' published in April 2007 and selling over 150 copies by November of the same year. I did it by taking the initiative to market my work at book fairs, Open Mic showcases, through family and friends, and through my internet networking groups. I always have my eyes open for out-the-box opportunity and it's a joy to me to be able to use my poetry to uplift others in any way possible.

Ella: What advice would you give a new writer?

I would tell a new writer to write from their own unique experience. Everyone has a voice. Use your imagination to take me to where you've been and open my eyes to your world. When you write only what you think people will buy or you write for any other reason than to express your heart, it shows.

I believe my journey is a path that God has placed me on. I wouldn't change a thing. He's allowed me to touch people positively with my words. He's guiding me towards a gift he's placed within me and I give him all the glory and all the praise.

Ella: Share with us your latest news, events or upcoming book releases.
The Quality Poets Society ( hosts poetry workshops and poetry showcases monthly at SIP Coffeehouse in Atlanta (Buckhead). My second poetry collection, 'Clenched Teeth Smiling' is available via PayPal on I have plans for a 3rd collection of short stories and poems titled 'Eve of Utopia' which will include sketch artwork and my debut spoken word CD.

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