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Meet Community Leader Roxanne Johnson-Pugh

Roxanne Johnson-Pugh, a native of Washington D.C., is the Assistant Pastor of Disciples International Training and Worship Center, located in Clinton Maryland. She is the CEO of Bawrar Generation, V.O.T.E.Ministries and Destiny Awaken Publications. In addition to her being an entrepreneur she is an author and well sought after motivational speaker. She is no stranger to the media outlets as she has done numerous television and radio interviews.

You will find her to be a very passionate, sincere, genuine, honest, real, "cutting edge" fiery personality representing the Kingdom of God and His people. Roxanne resides in Maryland with her husband and children.

Message from Roxanne Johnson-Pugh
As I travel throughout various places for speaking engagements it amazes me how many people turn their noses up at a person who may be in a physically abusive relationship.

Ironically, the first thing I hear is “the person enduring the abuse is stupid or crazy; why do they stay; well it wouldn't be me! However, I have learned that more than likely these same people are in abusive relationships themselves.

In my book I discuss mental, verbal, emotional, spiritual/financial (pimps and prostitutes in the church), physical and sexual abuse. I have come to realize that we as people endure far more abuse then we realize. So in my book I open of these areas of “silent abuse” that are rarely talked about. I offer a way of escape, hope, freedom, the power of forgiveness and healing to move forward in life.

Ella: Finish this sentence for me- I am powerful because...
I am powerful because the spirit of Jesus Christ resides on the inside of me. Due to the fact that His spirit lives inside of me, He equips and empowers me to be powerful. This power is what allows me to accomplish and fulfill all of my dreams, purpose and destiny here on earth! There is nothing that I can do by my own strength, might, or ability to be powerful, my power lies in the strength of the Almighty God

Ella: Where are you from? How did you start your writing journey?
I am a native of WashingtonD.C. I find this question very amusing. Growing up I hated reading because I thought it was the most boring thing in the world to do and I hated writing because my fingers would hurt me so bad. I never saw myself as a writer and could never imagine becoming an author. In fact, if I had to read a book when I was growing up the first thing I wanted to know was how long the book was. Subsequently, as a young adult I was the same way when I was in stores and saw books that caught my attention the first thing I would do was look to see how many pages the book had, and that would determine if I purchased the book or not. Needless to say my experience as an author was truly a journey.

As a public speaker and being in position to interact with lots of people through ministry, on the job, family members or friends, I have the privilege to witness a lot of things; unfortunately some things are not so pleasant. Through the things I experienced in life I have developed a heart for injustice, especially in the area of abuse. I hate to see people used, abused and hurting, especially at the hands of another person. I would see the hurt people would be enduring, which would often trigger the memories of the hurts and pain I had endured in my own life, but also the joy of the triumph of victory I have experienced in overcoming the abuse I have endured in my life.

This developed a burning desire in me to share the message of "you can be victorious no matter what you have endured in life". So, I would often times get to speak out against the things I had witnessed and shine light to areas of abuse and share my message with hundreds of people. However, it still wasn't enough so I started looking into joining different organizations to partner with to share my message in the area of abuse; I had made some progress but not enough.

One day I was working on a business plan and I kept hearing a title of a book, well I didn't know if it was an actual book or what, so I ignored what I was hearing and kept working on the business plan. About two days later I went to a prayer meeting at my church and I was on my way home and here comes this title again and then I realized that I was suppose to write a book. I thought I was dreaming, I immediately started crying as if I had just received the worst news possible. I turned my car around went back to the church and shared my experience with my pastor and asked for prayer, and this is how my writing journey started!

Ella: What makes your book stand out? What would entice a reader to pick it up?
I believe the key has been the detailed exposure of abuse that is revealed in my book, especially areas that are considered to be taboo. Also, I was not afraid to speak the truth concerning the issues of abuse. I don't sugarcoat the issue. I open up every area of abuse to the best of my ability. I help the readers to understand that abuse is more than just physical and sexual. There is also emotional, mental, verbal, governmental, financial and spiritual abuse. Most often the people who claimed to have never been abused before often find out they have indeed been abused, are being abused, or have done the abusing themselves after having read my book. It is an eye opener to the readers that abuse has many faces and it knows no age, race, color or gender.

The most crucial aspect of the book is that I was not afraid to share myself in the book. I told the ugly, embarrassing truths about the things I endured. I shared the realities of my own challenges and insecurities that caused me to stay in unhealthy situations, and then I offered a way of escape out of that environment. I showed the readers how it is possible to move past your hurts and pains through the powers of forgiveness and healing. I believe the combination of all these aspects are what entices the readers to pick up my book and actually read it.

Ella: Ultimately, what do you want your readers to gain from your book?
Ultimately, I want the readers to gain insight on the warning signs of a possibly abusive situation, no matter what the relationship with the other person may be. I want the readers to gain insight into the fact that we were not created just to exist in the earth, but that our lives have meaning and there is a purpose for our having been born and in order to live out that destiny we must be free from the affects of pain to be able to move forward in life and gaining all that was designed for us to have. I want the readers to be able to understand there is hope, and no matter how much despair there seems to be, they can come out of any situation and walk in victory, and not as the victim.

Ella: What would you say has been the most significant achievement as a writer?
The most significant achievement I have experienced as a writer has been the testimonies of how the lives of the readers were changed as a result of reading my book. The decision to come out the abusive situations is ultimately up to the reader, because people have to decide to be free. So, when I know that the right decision has been made and that action has taken place in the life of the reader, I know that the purpose of this book is not if vain!

How was this achievement gain? I accredit the achievement of this project to the Lord Jesus Christ who made it all possible for man to live free from the bondages of abuse!

Ella: Name three things it takes to make a successful author, in your opinion?
In my opinion to be successful in the writing industry it takes the following three things:

Creativity- You must be creative in the processing of your thoughts as you prepare to convey your message or story to your audience. You want to capture their attention by drawing them into your world. Don't be afraid to explore your imagination! You want your reader to walk with you from the beginning of your book to the end.

Patience - Take your time in writing your book. The worst thing you can do is rush your process because of the excitement to complete your project by a targeted date. It is important that your work is well thought out, planned, and your story offers substance for its readers.

Audience - Know your audience! I can not express this statement enough. As you carefully plan your writing project choose your audience. Your audience is determined by your experience and the substance of your writings.

Ella: Share with us your latest news, events or upcoming book releases.
I have recently started my own publishing company, "Destiny Awaken Publications" Please check us out at . I am currently working on my second book entitled "Daddy's Desperate Little Girl's", which is planned to be released by the fall of this year 2009.

Roxanne Johnson-Pugh

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