by: David W. Johnson, Jr.

Just wanted to share another motivational poem and thank all of you who take time to respond and show your support. Please leave your comments below if this topic touches your heart too. Everyone have a great week and God Bless you, one and all.

There are almost no place safe for our children these days
They are not safe playing in parks, rec. centers or churches
If we do not look out for our children properly, everyone pays
Away from our children’s sides adults just marches and marches

Laurel, Maryland a four-year-old child was sexually assaulted
Awful when a mother cannot worship and leave her child alone
PLEASE, everyone pray that this pedophile is quickly apprehended
From our neighborhoods decency and self-respect has all but gone

This horrible tragedy should awaken us to the need for togetherness
P. G. County as well as the State of Maryland sends their support
Time to show our disdain for all this rape, molesting and abusiveness
Citizens, you keep praying until this perpetrator is arrested and in court

Adults, we need to bring back communities that watches over children
This pervert assaulted three other young children before this incident
How we turn our backs or ignore such crimes I cannot comprehend
From adults and communities, children are facing total abandonment

Let this little four year old girl’s tragedy be a wake-up call to all America
You heard about this one but let me assure you there are thousands more
Black Americans behave worse than their ancestors kidnapped from Africa
Obsessed with drugs, numbers and gangs but education matters little anymore

Our World is quickly falling apart around us and we seem virtually unaware
Black teenager in Georgia given 10 year sentence for consensual oral sex
After serving two years, the Georgia Supreme Court ruled it was not fair
The girlfriend happened to be Caucasian, which made her boyfriend a reject

To African Americans, our justice system is mostly blind and so are we
Should it care about people who do not care about others or themselves?”
The positive things we could be doing with our lives, we are too blind to see
Stop waiting for others to save us or our children, UNITE and do it ourselves!

Brothers and Sisters, this is not a game, we are dying mentally and physically
What is happening to us right now we seem to have little or no comprehension
Set around playing numbers, high on drugs or alcohol acting so lackadaisically
For our children’s future adults tell me, “Why Are We Not Paying Attention?”

by: David W. Johnson, Jr.
Copyright 2008. All Rights Reserved.