Sumthin' T' Say by Rose Jackson-Beavers

Sumthin' T' Say by Rose Jackson-Beavers

Have you ever had Sumthin' T' Say and just couldn't find the right words to express yourself? Rose Jackson-Beavers has written the perfect prescription to make you laugh, think and reminisce about the same issues that you may face.

Sumthin' T' Say is not just a collection of essays and poetry about everyday life that only women understand; it's a soulful account of life experiences straight from the author's heart. There's sumthin' in it for everyone. The electrifying poems and essays convey real emotions about love, life and pain.

Easily spoken in a colorful, stimulating and stirring voice, readers will experience different emotions as they explore their own feelings about the topics presented in this powerful account of life's challenges and triumphs.
Priority Books Publications
ISBN-13: 9780981648323

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