Jesus Loves Me-This I Know by Linda R. Herman

Jesus Loves Me-This I Know by Linda R. Herman

How do I know Jesus loves me?
I know Jesus loves me because despite His busy schedule, He took the time to create me 33 years ago. In creating me, Jesus loved me so much that He gave me the gift of a maternal grandmother who would ultimately play the role of my mother and best friend for thirty years.

His love for me didn’t stop there. He blessed me with a son who has matured into a handsome young man at age 16. And when I thought it wasn’t in the cards for me to have more kids, He gave me the gift of a daughter, thirteen years after the birth of my son. That is love that only Jesus can give.

After years of illness, my grandmother died in January 2006, but I’m still blessed with her memory, spirit, and love. Physically she is no longer here; spiritually, she will never leave me.

I have so many reasons to give Him glory and praise. For all the things I don’t have, He has blessed me abundantly in other areas of life.

I don’t have tons of money but I thank God my kids have good health, shelter, food, and clothes on their backs.

I don’t have a dream job, but the one I have pays the bills and allows me to fulfill some of our wants.

My Father has been good to me, far better than I’ve been to myself, and to Him I give all the praise and glory. I will acknowledge Him in my day-to-day life, in all that I do for I know without Him, there’d be no me.

Yes, Jesus loves me and my mission is to show that I love Him, too!

Linda R. Herman