An Extra Ordinary Affair by Baba Evans Moore

Meet Baba Evans Moore, Urban Griot and author of Just a Picture in a Frame, The Pastor's Letter, and An ExtraOrdinary Affair.

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An ExtraOrdinary Affair is the greatest love story of the year. It shows how a woman, Siobhan, decided to stop trying to please the men in her life, faced her adversaries, and trust her natural abilities. When she freed her mind, Richard appeared.

The self-made millionaire met the first woman who was not overwhelmed by his massive wealth. Smitten by an unfamiliar feeling of helplessness and becoming emotional, Richard decides to offer Siobhan a compromise in exchange. He introduces her to his world of international business and she develops a new life of self-empowerment. This novel shows women how to step from under their mate’s spotlight, let go, use their God-given abilities, and become whole. I feel passionate it will work.

Intimate Conversation with Ella Curry of EDC Creations and Baba Evans Moore

Welcome Baba Evans Moore! Finish this sentence: I am powerful because ...
Baba: I am powerful because I have a unique insight into people’s minds and predicting their actions.

Tell us about the two main characters in your novel:
Baba: Siobhan because she was gutsy enough to take on a rich man by simply doing what she knew best. Instead of aggression, she ushed her feminity and was coy enough to trust its effectiveness. Curtis, the limo driver, knew his role, was comfortable with it, and understood what loyalty meant .

What makes your novel stand out and will entice a reader to pick it up:
The book cover is eye-catching. It appeals to the curious and demands to be viewed closer.

Ultimately, what do you want the reader to gain from my novel:
Baba: If you are in a unhealthy relationship, don’t give in and become complacent. Get out of it. Let go and let God. Learn to believe in your self and your ability to overcome.

What would I say has been your most significant achievement as a writer:
Baba: I have written five novels, four self-published and the last by XYP Publishing. I won two awards, “Disilgold’s YOUnity Reviewers Guild Award”and C&B Publishing’s “Author of the Year.”

Review for An ExtraOrdinary Affair
Thought-Provoking, Entertaining and Memorable, October 13, 2008

Award-winning author Baba Evans Moore, of An Extra Ordinary Affair has done it again -- created a thought-provoking, entertaining and memorable book. This novel is centered on its protagonist Siobhan persevering through pain, hopelessness and bitterness as a result of bad relationship experiences to eventually rise above these issues and embrace a more rewarding and fulfilled life.

Although this novel is not considered Christian fiction, it sure brought to my remembrance the scripture Psalm 30:5 (KJV)…weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning and that blessings come when we least expect them.As usual, Moore’s character development is great and the storyline was one that I thoroughly enjoyed from the beginning until the end. An Extra Ordinary Affair is a worthwhile read and I look forward in the future to reading many more books by this gifted author.

Reviewed by Carla J. Curtis

An ExtraOrdinary Affair, Baba Evans Moore
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