Black History Month Book Fair

Black History Month Online Book Fair

In honor of Black History Month, the Sankofa Literary Society is hosting its 2nd Annual Black History Month online book fair. This very unique online experience will showcase African-Americans in the literary world including authors and publishing leaders. The event will include an online chat and panel discussions broadcast over internet radio. It is focused on bringing back pride in African-American literature. Readers will be treated to weekly promotions, video and audio blogging, author showcases, noon time chats, open forum chat sessions and other fun and entertaining features. All events are free.

The Black History Month On-line Book Fair begins on January 25, 2009 and will continue until March 7, 2009. Each day members of the African American literary community will participate in daily online discussions at the event's main site. Authors, agents, reporters, publishers, spoken word artists, poets and book store owners, will participate in these daily discussions. They will discuss African-American literacy and the importance of celebrating Black History all year long. At night there will be panel discussions on BAN radio. You can view the themes of the nightly broadcast here.

The event is currently being promoted by an AP wire service press releases, internet radio, 130 RSS feeds, and by public radio stations in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia. Each day in February will feature a specific theme related to people of color. Some themes discussed so far include: African-American Pioneers and Legends, Motivating our Communities, African American Firsts, and Ethics of Literary Reviewers and Reporters. Some upcoming themes will be: Bringing Our Pride Back and Black Love.

The main feature of the online book fair is the nightly discussions with African American authors. The Black Authors Network, part of Blog Talk Radio, will host nightly panel discussions for the online Black History Month book fair. Starting at 9 pm EST, featured authors and panelists will call into the internet radio site to discuss the topic of the day and the show will run until 10 pm. Readers will be able to call in and participate in the discussion during the show as well. Readers will be able to participate in an online chat in the Black Authors Network chat room during the show. There will also be an after party at the event's main blog after each show.

Another component of the online book fair is the Black History 365 Social Network. Readers can blog their experiences at the online book fair on this site. By visiting the site and registering for the newsletter, readers are eligible for free books and prizes. Readers can also support the authors by visiting the SLS Event Bookstore and purchasing their books. On one of the main book fair sites, participants can chat with authors throughout the day in the event chat room which is open 24 hours a day. Daily video blog presentations are also available. In addition, the SLS site features podcasts by African-American authors.

Each week, the website presents a list of 10 participating authors and visitors to the site, readers can click on the name of the author and listen to them present and promote their books. The list of authors changes weekly. There are some fun perks available to those who participate in the book fair. Visa gift cards worth $50 will be given away each week during the event. Free autographed books will also be given away to visitors of the radio show and event blog.

Professional bloggers will have a chance to win prizes if they support the authors during the book fair. This very unique and fun event has numerous things to offer African American book lovers and writers. Ella Curry, the event organizer, also hopes that non-African American readers will take part in the event to explore the fantastic offerings each night. There are 4 main websites associated with this book fair and it is well worth the time to visit them and enjoy this one-of-a kind event.

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