2nd Annual Black History Month Book Fair

2nd Annual Black History Month Book Fair
"Give the Gift of Knowledge"

January 25 - March 7, 2009
Totally Online at Black Authors Network Radio and Blogspot

Please join us for 42 nights of fun, wisdom, fellowship, and book previews, as well as author interviews. EDC Creations and the Sankofa Literary Society will host the annual Black History Month Internet Book Fair to bring together authors, community leaders and concerned citizens.

You can participate nightly from the comforts of your home! The event is held totally online with nightly panel discussions, seminars, live readings from new book releases, community town hall meetings and open mic poetry nights. Chat on our blog site by day and join us on the radio show by night, for 6 straight weeks!

Our theme is "Give the Gift of Knowledge." We seek to bring together our modern day Griots to share with us the history of our people and to lead us into the future. Are you ready? Do you want to help us prepare an archive of African American legacies for your children? This is an open community forum for all races and cultures. Be the change that you want to see in our global community. Give the Gift of Knowledge.

The Black Authors Network (BAN) is dedicated to providing information to help black business owners and authors gain access to the global consumer and to helping promote the growth of black businesses and literature. The Black Authors Network, is here to bring people together, to create a dialogue, and share valuable resources.

Our goal is to be the most informative networking group, serving the unique needs of African American authors, businesses, organizations, and concerned parents who wish to improve literacy and strengthen the image of the African American community. For more information on nightly themes and promotions, enter here.

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