Why I Cried by Péron F. Long

Why I Cried by Péron F. Long

It may sound strange to some, but I honestly never thought that at the young age of 38, I would witness an African-American leading the world’s most powerful country. But this historic moment carries more significance than the fact that a black man won. It even carries more significance than just a mere mention of the men who marched, fought and died to help pave the way.

This moment of Ourstory (not history) has given a new meaning to the phrase “Yes We Can!” Let’s face it, we always knew we could, but we have always allowed barriers to block us from actually arriving to our wealthy place. Some of you may remember the piece I wrote last week entitled Dancing To The Beat Of My Own Drum. I spoke of not allowing society to dictate my destiny. I discussed how once I chose to step out on faith, I found solace. Little did I know that less than 15 days later what I wrote would actually carry more significance for me in the form of someone only 9 years my senior. Someone who definitely danced to his own beat.

As I watched CNN the entire evening, I became more and more enchanted at what was about to happen, not just for African-Americans, but for Americans as whole. This election was watched by the world, dissected by the world and even wooed by the world. Many people thought it would not happen. For months, I was one of them. But it happened. And regardless of what the naysayers think, it’s something that is good for the world.

Many have shown their frustrations and some have even been so bold as to lash out at the African-American population, but let’s be real, we DEFINITELY did not do this without the help of others. America understood that change is sometimes needed. America understood, without a doubt, that it was time for a change.

Tuesday night, or shall I say early Wednesday morning, I went to bed proud. I fell into my slumber with a smile on my face. I continued in joy upon waking up, when I opened the local paper and saw our newly elected First Family for the very first time. I recognized them. I knew them personally. I saw my family. I saw my friend’s families, I saw my neighbors. I saw America and I cried.

I Now Welcome Us All To The New America . I Welcome Us All Into The United States Of Yes we can!

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Be Blessed All,

Péron F. Long