Black Authors Network Talk Show

Black Authors Network Talk
Meet us at: 8pm-10pm EST Mon., Wed., and Friday nights
Authors dial-in number: (646) 200-0402

The Black Authors Network (BAN) is dedicated to providing information to help black business owners and authors gain access to the black consumer and to helping promote the growth of black businesses and literature. The Black Authors Network, is here to bring people together, to create a dialogue, and share valuable resources. Our goal is to be the most informative networking group, serving the unique needs of African American authors, businesses, organizations, and concerned parents who wish to improve literacy and strengthen the African American community.

The Black Authors Network Talk Show was formed to immediately address the need for quality African American literature being made available in our bookstores, libraries and other mediums where our literary works are showcased. We want to combine our talents, true determination, and multitude of resources, in an effort to develop a literary networking system for our members and literary partners, who support the freedom of speech and the right to take back the PRIDE in our communities. Join us in this global movement to improve literacy and our image!

We will encourage, inspire, and empower our members, as they strive to fulfill their dreams of becoming successful entrepreneurs, published authors, and community leaders.

Chat live with the guests in our chat room during the show

Warmest regards,
Ella Curry, President/CEO EDC Creations
Black Author Network Radio-Founder
Sankofa Literary Society-Founder