Touching Hearts...Changing Lives

As the founder of a women's ministry, magazine, author and publisher, I look back over the years that led up to this and I realize that through everything I experienced, the biggest battle that I had overcome was fear. Fear had begun to contaminate my spirit. Like a wound that I had already treated, there was a fresh scab on the surface, but there was still a process of healing that needed to take place underneath. I was the sore. In the public eye, I seemed to have it all "together" but inside I was an emotional wreck. I needed to heal from my past and just be
still long enough to know that God had – and still has – His armor of protection around me.

Even though I had always been the one who masqueraded around as though I was strong and fearless, that very thing which I prided myself on not possessing was actually eating away at me. I feared that I would never be successful. I feared not ever being loved or accepted. I
feared that I would never be sure of who I am or what I need in my life. I even feared my own fear, if that even makes sense.

In the last four years, I suffered so many things continuously and simultaneously that I'm still in awe of God. I went through serious illness, a divorce, the loss of my father, and humiliation amongst other things. I feared that the Lord did not hear my prayers; that my labor was in vain! It was not until 2007 that I felt the Lord's presence in my life.
The Lord took me out of my comfort zone to restore, rebuild, and renew me. Those three key elements became the headline for my ministry! My mind had to be transformed. I greatly feared that I was
not being all that God wanted me to be, not living up to the image that I portrayed and what others perceived me to be… I even feared that I wasn't in line to be what I expected myself to become.
All I ever wanted to do was help others and that always seemed to backfire. I could not understand how God could call me to be a leader to help other women heal and live victoriously when I could not get over my own fears and it seemed impossible for me to heal!!

I eventually realized that, like many women, many of my fears came from comparing myself to my predecessors. My fear was that I would not be able to speak like other female leaders. Here I am a woman with a past of anger, hatred, and lies. I asked daily, "why me?" Here I
am down to nothing… and You want me? But, after fighting the calling on my life, I finally surrendered to God's purpose in my life. Just like Jeremiah, I too asked God to touch my mouth and allow me to do His will. I started walking in my calling. That is when I began to realize that my fear began to diminish and my strength and confidence began to grow!

Today, I'm walking in my purpose. Touching Heart Ministries, Victorious Magazine and my career as an author are just as much of a blessing to me as I intend for them to be in the lives of other women. All are well on their way to my goal for them – reaching out in ways previously unimaginable to me! I may not be where "I" want to be but I'm where God needs me to be and ultimately that is all that matters!

It's when we surrender our fears to the Lord that He comes and delivers us from ourselves! Why do I say from ourselves? Because it is our own minds and our own apprehensions that hold us back – it is our own willingness to lay down and be dormant while the world whisks by around us that causes us to fail. I am here to encourage other women not to allow that to happen in their lives the way I allowed it for so long in my own. My goal? To help just one. To help many would be a wonderful blessing, but if I only touch one life for Christ, it is all worth it.

About the Company
Touching Heart Ministry
was founded 2004 by Brooks J. Young after experiencing and overcoming tumultous tribulations, disappointments and adversities in life. After being introduced to the saving power and forgiveness of God, her ministry was birthed. The ministry is comprised of several organizations including Victorious Voice Magazine, Master's Hand, Inc., and Victorious Voice Radio Broadcast. Young uses her company as a ministry to fulfill her purpose that she fully believes has been ordained by God.

About the Book:
Bryce is a beautiful, young, intelligent up-and-coming African American female attorney who finds herself in a situation more difficult than she could have ever imagined. Haunted by her dreams and feeling herself losing control over her life and afraid her grip on sanity might be slipping away as well, she wages war against herself on a battlefield unlike any she had ever stood on before: struggling to come to terms with herself through a tug of war with her emotions, her goals, her memories, and her heart! Will she grab hold of her destiny or will she let life as she knows it slip away? You don't want to miss Where God Took My Soul.

About the Magazine:
The Christian based magazine will focus on establishing a readership base of women from all walks and stages of life. The bi-monthly magazine will feature articles written by highly qualified individuals centered on inspiration, health and wellness, fashion, work and wealth, love and relationships, book reviews as well as other informative articles.

About the Visionary
Brooks J. Young is the author of Where God Took My Soul and Executive Director of Touching Heart which was established in 2004. In addition, she is the Founder & Publisher of Victorious Magazine, Host of Victorious Voice Radio Show, and also serves as a Motivational Speaker.

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