Meet Chloe R. Discovering Love

Chloe R is a published author and poet. Her debut novel Discovering Love (XYP Publishing) will be released in March 2009. Her sensual short stories can be found in Mocha Chocolate (Shanibooks, Inc.), Erogenous Zone (Xpress Yourself Publishing) and Mental Seductions (Diva Books Publishing).

Chloe's Articles include Hiding From Erotica?, featured in Noire Magazine and What Turns You On?, in the February 2008 edition of PassionScape. Forever riding the vibrant flow of lust and love, Chloe's short story Beyond My Reach is featured in the Spring 2008 Nubian Chronicles, Nubian belles lettres.

Discovering Love
ISBN: 978-0-9818094-5-8
ISBN10: 0-9818094-5-6
Xpress Yourself Publishing; On Sale: Spring 2009
Format: Trade Paperback

EDC: Bring your 3 main characters to life. Tell us who they are and what you love about them.
CR: Trina Long has been silently suffering for a long time. Her relationship with her father is drained, her husband has failed her, and she has failed herself. When she finds a way to get the spark back, she can't control herself, she is like a child discovering ice cream for the first time. And one sample leads to indulgence in the most sensual way. I love Trina's innocence and her inability to control herself. I love that she lets herself have new experiences, although she feels guilty about them. I think, in some way, I am proud of Trina, for deciding to take some control of her life, even if it is not in a traditional way.

Deidra Velsi is impetuous. Free spirited and enjoyable, she is also oddly selfish and narrow minded. As long as life operates within her narrow confines and everyone in her world comports to her value system, she treats them well. But she is not the friend you can reveal the entire truth to, nor is she the type of love you without judging. I love Deidra, but I don't like her. I love Deidra's boldness and inner fight, but I don't like how neglectful she is of the ones who love her most.

Most people who read this book didn't like James Long. They think he is a dog. I always find that to be amazing, when I wrote it I did not intend him to seem that way. I wanted to lessen Trina's wrongs by giving the reader a graphic analysis of James. But it may have been too truthful a look, because so many readers dislike him. I don't have any negative feelings against James, I think he is a powerful man who is trying to get all that he can get. And, on some level, he has little self control. After all, he began as a nerd who nobody wanted, so it is only natural he would abuse his new found position.

EDC: How do you spend your free time? Do you write poetry or sing?
CR: Whenever I can get a moment to myself, I write poetry and draft stories. I also play the piano and enjoy playing tennis (or trying to play). I also love to cook and experiment with different flavors and recipes.

EDC: Could you image your life without writing today?
CR: For a long time, I didn't write. I would think of interesting stories and let them pass without bothering to capture them. During that time period, I was also miserable and easily frustrated. I would often feel as if the world was crumbling in on me and I was helpless to stop it.

I began to write when a story planted itself in my mind and didn't fade away. After a week or so, I sat down and gave it a try. And writing is my long exhale. I am more calm, more amenable, more patient when I write. Writing is so therapeutic for me, that I cannot imagine living without writing.