Meet Author and Playwright Dorothy Phaire

Author and Playwright, Dorothy Phaire releases Romantic Mystery Novel

Dorothy Phaire
latest novel, Murder and the Masquerade
ISBN number­­­­­­­ 978-0-595-44787-9
iUniverse Publishing, Inc.

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Set under the backdrop of our nation’s capital, Murder and the Masquerade by Dorothy Phaire is a story of self-discovery for an attractive yet lonely psychologist who feels trapped in an unfulfilling life; she then goes through an emotional and sexual awakening to reclaim her inner strength and passion for life.

Packed with drama and intrigue, Murder and the Masquerade opens up the details of an intense love triangle, woven around a murder plot that is anything but typical. When Dr. Renee Hayes is suspected of involvement in a murder case, she becomes conflicted about her ethical oath as a psychologist.

Torn between her professional loyalty to a patient and her young lover, who is investigating the case, Renee is forced to do whatever it takes to clear her own name and rethink her purpose in life. But the most shocking secret of all is unlocked in the end, and will change all their lives forever. This book is for readers who want to be swept away in the lives of characters that seem so real you can almost hear and see them.

It is a book for readers looking for suspense, excitement, and real-life experiences as portrayed by characters you won't want to let go even after the story ends. If you are a reader who wants a story that offers hope, new discoveries, and new beginnings, you will want to read Murder and the Masquerade to find out if two ill-matched lovers can overcome the odds and realize their love for one another.

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Murder and the Masquerade is available for $18.95 directly from the publisher at (or call publisher toll free at 1-800-288-4677, ext. 5035 to order) or through or

Books are also being sold at University of the District of Columbia Bookstore, located at 4200 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Wash. DC 20008.

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