Books Change Lives: EDC Creations Literary Hallmarks

EDC Creations Literary Hallmarks

Ella Curry and EDC Creations is proud to announce the books that created an impact, for readers and the EDC Creations network. Our literary hallmarks indicate excellence in writing. These are the books we want to feature to the world. Each year thousands of people — educators, concerned parents, community leaders, authors, poets and publishers — devote their time and resources to presenting the reader with great books! However, too many outstanding books do not get the attention and reader support that they deserve, they float just under the radar. It is our mission to connect readers with these hidden gems and bring them books that will change their lives. We have previewed all of the books below and these are just a few of the magnificent books we love. Other lists will be posted bi-monthly of our fantastic literary finds.

Readers please take a moment and examine the list below. There is something for all book lovers! The books are NOT listed in any order pertaining to the quality of the literature—they are all 4-5 star reads. Each book on this list will bring something of value to enrich the lives of the readers and to help to strengthen our future generations. If you are a fan of Erotica or Urban Literature, there is a list for you. If you are more in tune with books of a Spiritual or Motivational nature, there is a list for you. Like to live life on the edge and walk on the dark, mysterious side—we have a selection for you too. Enjoy!

Books Change Lives—Christian Fiction/Young Adults/Our Experiences

1. Somewhat Saved by Pat G'Orge-Walker
2. My Son’s Wife by Shelia E. Lipsey
3. Sunny’s Adventures (Children) by Leketha Marie Johnson
4. Mistaken Innocence & the Urban Aristocrat by Tina Magee
5. Beacon Hills High (Teens) By Mo'Nique, Sherri McGee McCovey
6. Brothers & Sisters (Children Poems) by Eloise Greenfield
7. Doo-Wop Pop (Children) by Roni Schotter
8. Louise, The Adventures of a Chicken (Children) by Kate DiCamillo
9. Soon and Very Soon by Sherryle Kiser Jackson
10. Battle Of Jericho by Kendra Norman-Bellamy
11. Dance into Destiny by Sherri Lewis
12. Joseph (Children/YA) by Shelia P. Moses
13. Can I Get a Witness? by ReShonda Tate Billingsley
14. Talk To Me by Pat Simmons
15. Scratches by Frankie Nicole
16. Conflict and Discovery by Julius Kane
17. Stay Strong: Simple Life Lessons for Teens by Terrie Williams
18. Sisters Helping Sisters: The Wheeler Avenue by Madeleine Wright
19. Ms. Thang by Sonia Hayes
20. Herstory: Black Female Rites of Passage by Mary C. Lewis
21. Teenage Bluez: A Collection of Urban Stories by Life Changing Books
22. Something on the Inside by T.N. Williams
23. Always Sisters: Becoming the Princess You... by Cece Winans
24. Being One - No One is like No Other by Isabis Inside
25. Shades of Darkness by George Brummell
26. Expectations by Toni V. Lee
27. Profiles in Black: Phat Facts for Teens by Marvin A. McMickle
28. Married Strangers by Dwan Abrams
29. A Man’s Worth by Nikita Lynette Nichols
30. Changing Faces by Marlo Chapman
31. Fallen Angel by Diane Martin
32. If Memory Serves by Vanessa Davis Griggs
33. My Father's House by Dijorn Moss
34. Up Pops The Devil by Angela Benson
35. Stand The Storm: A Novel by Breena Clarke
36. The Last Ten Percent by Michelle McKinney Hammond
37. Fields Of Fire by Linda Hudson-Smith
38. The Twelfth Window, by Jennifer M. Norwood
39. Song of the Siren by Avah LaReaux
40. Since You Went Away From Me by Tifany Jones
41. The Secrets Within Tifany Jones
42. The Diva's Diary-Original Poetic Thought Notes by TaKasha Francis
43. Sweet Caroline by Rachel Hauck
44. Blue Heart Blessed by Susan Meissner
45. The Shack by William P. Young
46. Living Consequences by Brittney Holmes
47. Falling for Lies by Barbara Joe-Williams
48. Happily Ever Now by Nicole Rouse
49. He's Saved...But Is He For Real? by Kimberley Brooks
50. Everybody in the Church Ain't Saved by Patti Trafton

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