ISBN-10: 0979975794
ISBN-13: 978-0979975790

Whether newly discovered or rekindled, there is no feeling in the world like pure passion coursing through our veins. It erupts at our core and allows us to be free and uninhibited. Bare Necessities: Sensuous Tales of Passion is a collection of erotica that explores passions that are buried deep in the subconscious as well as those that lie just beneath the surface and are easily exposed. The characters of each sizzling story experience passion that explodes and sends them hurling into a fiery universe of sensuous pleasure.

"The Home for Readers of Black Lesbian Fiction"
By Sistahs on the Shelf
When passions are laid bare, it can be sensual, exciting and worth every minute. The same can be said about BARE NECESSITIES: SENSUOUS TALES OF PASSION, the collection of naughty gems and poems written by Hazel Mills.
Containing 11 stories of sexual candor, Bare Necessities combines a little bit of romance and a little bit of sin to create a short-but-sweet romp worth reading. Bare Necessities begins with "A Lover is Born," where Laila is introduced to Gabe at her book club meeting and is instantly entranced. She wants to get to know Gabe better, and what better way than to host the next gathering at her place. The bash is a success in more ways than one, as the two ladies manage to get their own party started.
In "Surrender," a workaholic husband and wife put the spice back into their marriage by attending a couple's retreat. Yet, this isn't just a boring therapy session; it's an experience that allows them to seek unknown pleasures, and from it the married lovers learn that it's okay to let go and explore their freaky sides.
Then in the most poignant tale of Bare Necessities, "Sweet Home Alabama," a Philadelphia transplant returns for her family reunion in Sweet Home, a small town with even smaller dreams. Despite escaping, Tracy has only one regret after leaving her hometown: abandoning her childhood sweetheart, Monica. She vows to find her - and finally be with the woman she never stopped loving.
There more treasures in Bare Necessities, and Mills doesn't hesitate to give them to you. Her stories are funny, warm, and hot in just the right places. Even though the book has a mere hundred or so pages, it doesn't fail to get you fired up. I look forward to reading more from Mills - hopefully in a book with a much higher page count.

Meet Hazel Mills
African American Literary Award nominated author, Hazel Mills, knew that she wanted to be a writer from the moment she penned the first words of a poem titled, "A Tree" when she was in the third grade. Even though she majored in business at the University of Alabama, writing continued to be her first love.

Hazel's short erotic fiction has been published in Playgirl Magazine's Erotic Encounters (January, 2007 issue) and in Best Lesbian Love Stories: New York City, edited by Simone Thorne (November, 2006, Alyson Books). Her essays have been featured in Jolie Dupre's series in the Blushing Ladies Journal. PassionScape is her monthly column published online by EDC Creations and Sankofa Literary Society.

Hazel is an contributing author to the award-winning anthology, Mocha Chocolate: Taste A Piece of Ecstasy, edited by Shani Greene Dowdell (March, 2008, Nayberry Publications). Hazel's debut collection of critcally acclaimed erotic short stories, Bare Necessities: Sensuous Tales of Passion (April, 2008, Xpress Yourself Publishing) has been nominated for several literary awards.

Hazel is an editor for and a contributing author the the highly anticipated upcoming release, The Triumph of My Soul: The Breakthrough, edited by Elissa Gabrielle (2009).

Hazel's new book, Journey To Surrender, is slated for release in 2009 by Xpress Yourself Publishing.

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