Mistress Memoirs by Lorraine Elzia

Mistress Memoirs by Lorraine Elzia

What kind of woman becomes a mistress? Someone who has no regard for the unspoken cardinal rule among women of “Thou shall not covet another woman’s husband?” Certainly not Kahla Thompson; or so she thought.

Kahla is beautiful, single, and independently successful, possessing all the material goods a woman could desire. Her life is surreptitiously turned upside down when she meets Kevin Eckhart, a married man with a million-dollar smile and a seductive charm she falls prey to. The two have a magnetic, compelling attraction for each another and begin a relationship under the guise of friendship. Kahla struggles to suppress her hunger for Kevin, but soon finds herself in a paradox; fighting her natural propensity to avoid an affair versus her lascivious desires for a married man and all he represents.

Mistress Memoirs is an engaging, unorthodox lurk into the mind of a mistress. Through the illuminating introspective words of Kahla; Lorraine Elzia engrossingly entertains, while skillfully removing the cocoon of preconceived notions as to why a woman becomes a mistress. By delving into the self-analyzing inner thoughts that catapult Kahla into the role of the woman on the side, Mistress Memoirs gives a vision of who the other woman really is as viewed from the standpoint of the mistress herself.

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