How to Be Prosperous With an Online Internet Business

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How to Be Prosperous With an Online Internet Business
By Conny L. Young

Conny L. Young is a retired Chiropractor. Prior to becoming a Chiropractor, Dr. Young spent 17 years as a research scientist with Eli Lilly

Many people approach their online internet business the same way they approach the rest of their life. Sometimes they are sick, broke, tired, miserable ... the list goes on an on. Little do they realize what they get in life is directly connected to what they think, say and do. Every thought, word and action we experience are seeds of what is to come. It is a simple, powerful principle. It is just as true in doing online internet business as it is in every aspect of our life.There are seven steps to prosperity and if you follow them, you will be successful in your online internet business.
1. Give - Whatever you put out will be returned with interest. Make sure you are delivering and honest product or service. It you promise to mentor or train someone in your business, do it.

2. Be Honest - Honesty is very important in financial matters because again, since what you sow you will reap, it pays (literally) never to cut corners.

3. Work - Most people don't start out in life working where they want, doing what they want, etc., but everyone has SOME talent or ability or opportunity available to them. It may not be much, but if you use what you have, more will be given to you.

4. Avoid Negative Thoughts - Do not give negative thoughts energy. Any thought that inhibits what you want to achieve is a negative thought. This is probably the biggest key to success, and the most difficult to achieve. What you think and believe will eventually become your reality, so concentrate on remaining positive about your business.

5. Forgive and Forget - Failure to forgive, bitterness, resentment, and jealousy are poison. They will hold you back, even if they are towards yourself or someone else and entirely unrelated to you online business. Letting go is incredibly important.

6. Think Big - Expect huge success. Since it is an established fact that we get what we think about, it is important that you should expect to be successful in your online internet business.

7. Give Thanks - We can not achieve anything entirely by ourselves. We all rely on somebody for something. Be grateful for all of those who made your internet business possible, and for all that is coming to you, and even more will be given to you.

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