Consanguinity by Lorraine Elzia


A cord providing life
began the connection between me and you.
It was love at first sight as I counted your fingers and toes
and dreamt of what they may one day do.

My ears sang to your first words,
your first steps lit up my face with delight.
Then came tears at your first day of school,
your kindergarten graduation,
and more when you fell off of your first bike.

I kissed each and every boo boo,
searched the closet for monsters as I tried to erase your fears.
I loved you,
comforted you,
and protected you, as only a mother could do throughout the years.

I nurtured your independence,
did my best to guide your ways,
every milestone and hurdle you crossed
brought sunshine to my days.

The years are flying by now
and the cord continues to stretch.
But every day,
in your loving way,
you show our connection is forever etched.

What started out a fluttering feeling
from deep within my womb,
took on a life
all of its own
from which unconditional love has bloomed.

As you struggle to find your place in life,
I will always hold your hand.
And inch by inch,
I sever the cord and smile,
as you slowly blossom into a man.

A Deeva 8/22/05
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