Tyler Goes Around the World by Tyler Stallings and Andrea Blackstone

Tyler Goes Around the World
by Tyler Stallings and Andrea Blackstone

Tyler is an energetic 4-year-old who wants to visit his aunt and cousins. When he can’t because of bad weather outside, Tyler transforms into an adventurous superhero at bedtime. He imagines traveling to different countries to visit new friends. What does he learn about new places as he flies around the world?

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About Kid Time Enterprises, LLC

Kid Time Enterprises, LLC was founded by Andrea Blackstone and her 4-year-old son Tyler Stallings, who both love learning in fun ways. The company integrates the belief that youth should be taught to be producers, not just consumers, as soon as they are able to understand basic financial principals.

Kid Time Enterprises strives to encourage entrepreneurship through launching a variety of projects that lead to the development of high-quality books, kid-friendly swag and meaningful partnerships. They also encourage other parents, mentors and relatives of youth up to the age of 18 to take time to listen to their unique ideas that may be implemented. Their voices matter and so do their ideas about ways to positively impact communities across the world.

“Tyler Goes Around The World” marks their first kidprenuer project. The official company launch will be held in Maryland in 2016.

About the Honorary CEO

Tyler Stallings is an outgoing kidprenuer with an active imagination. Although one of the 4-year-old’s favorite hobbies is running a fictitious construction company and building things, he enjoys picking out his own books, discussing them, traveling and meeting awesome people from all parts of the world.

Like many children his age, Tyler began making countless excuses why he could not go to bed at night. His mother, Andrea Blackstone, decided to make up a game about traveling around the world, to encourage her son to settle down and go to sleep. Playing the game where Tyler transformed into a superhero who travels became so popular, it became a welcomed ritual when he was three. After Tyler’s questions about places he traveled in his imagination increased when he turned four years old, Blackstone asked Tyler if he wanted to write his own book. When Tyler agreed, she decided to invest in her son’s dream to become an author at a young age.

Tyler’s journey to co-write a book with his mother evolved into an early lesson in entrepreneurship. Since Tyler enjoys helping his mother with community work, he agreed that giving back to causes should be a part of his book project. Under the umbrella of Lois’ Giving Circle—which will be established in the name of his late grandmother who was an elementary school teacher, Tyler will create or support community projects. Since Tyler and his mother are both children of veterans, a portion of the proceeds from the limited edition of “Tyler Goes Around The World” will be donated to organizations supporting veterans who served our country. With the help of his mother, the honorary CEO of Kid Time Enterprises, LLC aspires to spread the love of pursuing passions at any age, doing good things and reading books, one superhero mission at a time!

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Video from 4 year old Tyler: https://www.facebook.com/kidtimeenterprises/posts/889738074476276

About the Co-Author

Andrea Blackstone is a freelance reporter, editor and Humanities consultant who grew up in Annapolis. She currently writes for The Baltimore Times, The Annapolis Times and The Prince George’s Sentinel. Blackstone worked as the editor of The Andrews Gazette, located in Prince George’s County. She previously established book and events blogs, in addition to a popular digital entertainment publication.

Through her journey to gain journalism experience, she developed an ability to highlight interesting people, unique places and good news that is typically undiscovered. She is a fan of social networking, research, tasty vegetarian food and helping to encourage youth to achieve their goals. Blackstone also runs a small business with her 4-year-old son. She earned degrees from Morgan State University and St. John’s College.

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