Threads that Mend by Tesa Erven (The Loose End Book 2)

The Loose End by Tesa Erven (The Loose End Book 1)
After celebrating an unforgettable weekend, he vanishes without a trace. Was he injured? Was he murdered? Where was he? Find out now in The Loose End.

Renee Lawson is a young, vibrant, beautiful woman who fell in love with one of Oakland’s finest, and of all things, a married man. For her twenty-fifth birthday, he surprises her with a romantic getaway. He planned to make it a weekend she’d never forget.
And indeed it was, until a few weeks later, her phone calls and text messages stopped being answered or responded to. He had gone on vacation with his family, but he’d always found time to communicate with her in the past. How can she start to build a connection with him when her secret love has vanished without a trace? Was he injured? Was he murdered? Where was he?

Threads that Mend by Tesa Erven  (The Loose End Book 2)
In the sequel to The Loose End, we revisit the lives of Renee Lawson, Bradsen Myers, Kayron Hawkins, and Sabrina Brown.

Renee finds herself staring her decisions in the face: the selfishness of dating a married man for four years and the foolishness of pushing away another who offered true love.

Meanwhile, Bradsen is attempting to cope after being rejected by Renee. The happiness he’s forced to witness from his soon-to-be-wed twin brother and business partner only accelerates the pain he's feeling.

Excerpt from Breaking News 

“Shots fired, shots fired! Officer down, I repeat, an officer is down.”

Renee couldn’t believe the startling breaking news that was interrupting regular programming.

“This is Sonya St. Jermaine and we are now at the scene of what appears to have been some kind of robbery at a local convenience store. The two off duty officers pulled up to this mini-mart where the shooting took place,” the reporter said as she pointed to the store behind her.

“I’m getting word that the families have been notified and the two officers involved are Kayron Hawkins and Julia Williams, both veterans with the Oakland Police Department. We understand that one of the officers was shot in the leg and the other one was airlifted to UCSF Medical Center with life-threatening injuries. We will have more on this as soon as it becomes available. Reporting live from MacArthur Boulevard in East Oakland, I’m Sonya St. Jermaine.”

Renee sat there in horror as she listened to the news report before she yelled for Sabrina to come into her bedroom.

“Calm down Renee. I’m sure they will be okay.”

“Bri, I can’t believe this. I need to know which officer is in critical condition. I need to know.” Renee was near tears.

Sabrina glared at Renee. “We are not going through this again. Let’s just pray that they will be okay.”

For Renee it brought back all those terrible feelings of the night Sabrina had to break the news to her that Kayron was dead. It was as if her heart had been ripped out of her chest. She couldn’t understand how they had just shared the most memorable birthday of her life, then the next he vanished without a trace. Only to find out later that he was reportedly dead. Her heart was filled with so much hurt, pain, sorrow and despair after hearing about his sudden death. She wasn’t ready to face the fact that he was gone. Even now, was it true? She had no other information from what she heard on the news and no one she could contact for answers. Not wanting to relive the past, she made a promise to herself not to find out what happened.

“Okay, you’re right.” Renee started to calm down a bit. “I promise I won’t go searching for answers.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes I’m sure.” Renee assured her. “Don’t worry Bri, I won’t have you call the precinct or visit funeral homes with me. I’m going to leave it alone.”

“Thank you.” Sabrina breathed a sigh of relief. However, Renee couldn’t help but wonder if Kayron Hawkins was once again dead or alive…


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About the Author

Tesa Erven was born and raised in San Francisco, California. She currently resides in New Jersey with her husband and two kids. She works as an office administrator for a global outplacement firm. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, writing and singing. The Loose End is her first published work.