How is My T.E.D.D.Y? by Leron Young

How is My T.E.D.D.Y? by Leron Young

Personal Transformation. The acronym TEDDY is easy to remember. It’s a word we can relate to as it’s a very common name in the United States. T stands for Thinking, E stands for Eating and Exercising, the first D stands for Drinking, the second D stands for Doing, and Y represents You. Teddy is a tool one can use to help develop a life of joy, good health and well-being.

Asking the question "How is my Teddy"? will help one to stay focused on the important things in life.

T- Thinking
E - Eating and Exercising
D - Drinking
D - Doing
Y - You

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Non-fiction. Health and Wellness. Self-Help. Spirituality

About the Artist

Leron Young moved to Washington, DC with his mother from South Carolina when he was six years old. His mother gave him a guitar when he was eight years old and he taught himself how to play it. Later in life he met a singing group called the Unifics at Howard University and started performing with them during the late sixties and early seventies. He also played guitar with the Five Stairsteps and Luther Ingram at Stax Records.

Leron studied electronics at a vocational high school in Washington, DC and studied electrical engineering in college. He worked as an engineer in corporate America, servicing CAT scanners and MRI machines in the medical field.

After starting his own business in1989, Leron mentored young musicians for the next twenty-six years. Music is his first love, but he saw a need to encourage better health and wellness in his community. He wrote his first book, “How Is My T.E.D.D.Y. ” Asking the question "How is My Teddy"? will help readers stay focused on the important things in life.

T.E.D.D.Y. Is a tool used to help develop a life of joy, good health, and well-being. The Teddified brand is catching on with people seeking a path to wholeness. Leron's books are listed on Amazon at: 

In August, 2016, a new compilation CD of Leron’s best smooth jazz, blues guitar and inspirational instrumentals was released on CD Baby. The music can be downloaded from CD Baby here: