Amazing Grace: A Tribute to You, The Story of Us by D. Michele Jackson

Amazing Grace: A Tribute to You, The Story of Us
Memoir by D. Michele Jackson

This riveting and heart-felt testimony reveals God in each chapter of Donna's life and on every page of the book. Just when you were convinced that God is a distant being, and much too busy with managing the complexities of the world; He is revealed in an inspiring book of a girl growing up in Philadelphia, PA with her mother, Carolyn V. Jackson. The daughter is raised in a Christian home and through great sacrifices of her mother, she is availed every opportunity to become an upright and productive citizen in society, but as too many others, Donna travels a dark path. Her saving grace is the fact that Jesus remains in her heart. The story wraps up with a poem of encouragement by Dr. Howard Thurman, “Song of the Angels”. This story written for Christmas, offers a timely message of love: John 3:16, and concludes with extending everlasting life: Romans 10:9.

Praise from Grateful Readers

Carol Franklin says
, “I received your book on Saturday and could not put it down. I just want to say thank you, and GOD has done great work through you.”

Carol Jones says, “We all have a gift given from God and sometimes life has to take unforeseen turns before we realize our true talents… Donna Watford, a registered nurse by trade has through an unforeseen turn came across her GIFT. She has written and published a story that only she could.”

Val Parker says, “I can’t put this book down. It is so good with so many memories; it made me cry... excellent job.”

Retha Mae Farley says, “Wow. What a great book. I’m at a loss for words. You did a really good job. I know this is the beginning for you.” 

Alberta Herde, RN says, “I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed reading your book. I never experienced someone so in love with their mom and able to put it in writing. I never read anything like it before. It’s just beautiful… God bless.”

Zach Myers says, “This book is an inspiring story of a girl growing up in Philadelphia, PA with her mother, who was her rock and foundation in finding a strong bond with Christ. This book shows how in keeping Christ first, all things are possible. It takes you through how people can live with little and believe in Jesus and have so much; how if you put God first, He will make a change in your life. Mommie was a living angel who guided this young lady through the path of life, showing her the way to Jesus without pushing her. If you love Jesus, this book will show you faith you seldom see. It will inspire you to want to know Jesus more and want to become closer to Him. If you don't know Jesus, this book will show you the love of Christ and how He can impact and change your life. This book reminded me of the relationship I had with my mother, how I coped with her passing and reiterated Jesus can and will see you through anything and everything. It shows us Jesus is the light and the way. Thanks for this production Donna Watford, the book was an enjoyable read and I am looking for more literature written by you in the future! Highly recommended!”

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About the Author
Donna M. Jackson
is an African-American woman, Philadelphia native, Tuskegee University alumni, and a Registered Nurse. Writing as D. Michele Jackson, she now adds writer, published, politically active nurse to her accolades. Her sociology studies at Tuskegee University and twenty year nursing career enabled Donna to be prepared when the opportunity of Legal Nurse Consultant availed itself as she represented herself Pro Se in court. That experience allowed Donna to draft briefs during a historical time affording her a voice advocating for health. Donna submitted argument to Congress supporting amending the Nineteenth Amendment. Website: