Intimate Conversation with Jennifer Streaks

Intimate Conversation with Jennifer Streaks

Jennifer Streaks, an Affordable Lifestyle Expert, started her career working in financial compliance for major banking institutions. In 2005, when the economy started a downward spiral and the housing bubble burst, Jennifer, armed with an MBA, found herself at the center of the storm helping individuals save their homes and pay off their credit card debt.

Jennifer has been on every major TV and radio network (MSNBC, FOX, Fox Business, AlJazeera, CCTV, MarketWatch) and has been published in several national magazines providing practical financial advice that everyone and anyone can immediately put to use to see a change in their financial picture. She has also been called on to report on major financial changes and disruptions such as the foreclosure mess, changes in credit card rules, the increase in prepaid debit card usage and the continued shortage of jobs and the impact on the economy. Her sought after tips show consumers you can achieve an "affordable lifestyle." Travel & entertainment, grocery & home goods, beauty and fitness, finances do not have to be a chore.

BPM: Please tell us more about your non-fiction book, Thrive!... Affordably.

Life is meant to be enjoyed, but let's be honest: It's almost impossible to live a life of abundance when you are drowning in a sea of debt and suffering under the strain of financial struggle. So many people are not free to enjoy life simply because they don't have control over their finances. As a result, they go through life surviving and not truly living.

Thrive!... Affordably, takes the headache and the guesswork out of financial management. It is a monthly "how-to" designed to help the reader meet financial goals one step at a time. The book offers tips, advice, and basic financial management lessons geared towards helping the reader highlight strengths, identify missteps, and take control over finances. If you are looking for a way to permanently free yourself from debt, this book is for you.

Jennifer Streaks takes the mystery out of management, making financial freedom attainable for anyone willing to do the work. You deserve to live your best life. Don't just survive... Thrive!

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BPM: What was your primary quest in publishing Thrive!...Affordably?

I wanted to give readers a tool that would help them get their financial house in order. I also wanted to provide something that wasn't overwhelming and that was user friendly. I know that with Thrive!...Affordably, I have given the reader an opportunity to develop skills that will make their life easier and better.

BPM: Who is Thrive!... Affordably written for?

This book is for anyone, but specifically for those who want to learn how to spend their money, how to manage their money. Whether you are having financial problems or not, this book will help you learn how to spend and save. Face it, we all will spend money, but knowing how to spend, when and why is important.

BPM: How do you stay on top of your game professionally?

I am an author, but I am also a financial expert and writer. I am frequently called on to be a commentator on news shows and in lifestyle segments to discuss money, consumer issues and lifestyle. I also write for, and have been published in Black Enterprise, Motley Fool and the HuffingtonPost; and I have a blog on my website on All of that keeps me on my toes. LOL!

BPM: Do you feel as though your writing is making a positive impact on readers?

I know that my writing is impacting others. People (men and women) frequently contact me and tell me how my money and lifestyle tips have helped them and that my example has inspired them. That is what all of this is for. To put good work out there that truly helps others.

BPM: What advice would you give to a new business owner?

I say this all the time, but make sure that all of the necessary business documents are filed and that you pay your taxes. You will not believe this, but I have run into those that have business cards with a business name on them, but an LLC or Corp has not been filed. In that case, you don't have a business, you have a business card. Also, make sure that you file your taxes and if you need help engage a competent business tax professional. Make sure that you are operating in the right so that your business can grow and thrive!


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