#WritingWithPurpose: Life & Love: The Journey In Verse by Pat C.

Life & Love: The Journey In Verse
by Pat C.

Life and Love - The Journey in Verse speaks from the heart of the author as she revisits, observes and fantasizes the beauty of love. It immediately becomes apparent that the reader will be personally escorted by verse to observe and to understand the language that only love speaks. The couplets and the tone capture the beauty of the soul, the mindset and compatible lives being joined together in unity by the power of love. The mood has been meticulously established for reading. I was captivated.” - Dr. Claudia Wells Hamilton Secondary School Principal

Excerpt from Life & Love: The Journey In Verse by Pat C. 

Romance Section/ Pg 36: This poem was written about two soul-mates, who had met again years later. This was written as an invitation to embrace the gift of a second chance by sealing it with marriage.

~A New Song~ 

I want to write a new song with you.

The harmony will be tighter,

The tone deeper, the melody richer,

The chorus louder and it shall repeat itself more than before.

The rhythm will be mellow and sure.

Our new song will remain a classic,

A love story second only to our first.

Come, let’s write the final version,

‘Til death do us part.

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About the Author

Pat C. was born in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Pat is a mother, grandmother, poet, trainer, a certified life coach and now author. Pat C. possesses a natural gift for coaching and encourages all to live and love to the fullest.

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