#BlackLove: Lies of Blue by Lynne Forde

Lies of Blue by Lynne Forde

What is the price for fulfilling your dreams?
Lies of Blue is the story about a young woman who tries to reach her dream by making sacrifices. Somewhere along the line, the wrong sacrifices get made. It’s Training Day meets OZ, with a twist of Set It Off.

When Forde gets tired of her dead end job in the City Courts, she embarks on a career in the belly of the beast. With a degree in hand and a little bit of street sense, she decides to try her hand working in River Edge Jail Complex. From day one at the Academy to her last day at Prison, Forde evolves from your average "rookie" into something other than just a woman. To make matters worse, if you put a sexual being in the midst of some of the city’s most conniving men and women, you are bound to come up with something a little kinky and very destructive. The more dangerous the game became, the more erotic the encounters became. She goes from dfficer, to hustler, to victim, to CEO in a matter of 8 years.

#LiesofBlue is an exposé of what goes on in the depths of prison, through the eyes of one woman. Lies of Blue teaches you that there are so many people you may come across in life, you never know who is real and who is fake, but that the journey can become a battle of life or death. Choose wisely. What is the price for fulfilling your dream?


Made Woman

From January to the end of March, Develin was completely engrossed in school. He was learning about cars and automotive technology. Can you imagine how I felt? Actually, I was so happy to see it happening before my eyes. He was becoming a productive member of society. He wasn’t really earning any money, but he was getting welfare and going to school, and after school, he was home studying and being with me. We would share our stories of what happened at work that day and just grow together. I had my boyfriend back. It was great and I proved to myself that you could help a person change their life. Develin was living proof.

I don’t want you to think that things stopped on the job. I was still bringing stuff in to my peoples and paper was steady, thousands! In fact, they were paying my rent; my bills were getting paid. Yo’ Bigs made sure I didn’t want for anything. Each time the orders would get more and more crazy. Yet I was still the girl making it happen. It was a business within my business. I had a job and once I got to work I had a million other things to take care of besides my normal eight-hour B.S. Mr. Big and I were becoming untouchable, or at least we thought so. He made simple requests and I made them happen. The little things can make a bid a little easier to deal with. He kept me laced and I kept him laced as well. He ate only food from the street now, drank Bacardi 151 with every meal. He held me down and I looked after him as if he was my lover. But he was better than a lover, he was straight business and I was making straight paper.

One night in May, I had a job to do. I went to meet Mr. Big’s peeps uptown in Hightown. I picked a spot near Dev’s family; that way I could wait at Dev’s family's for the call from my connect. When the phone call came through it was almost 8:30 at night. They were downstairs and told me to come to the car on the corner. I told them what I had on, but they already knew all about me—who I was, what I looked like, the whole nine. When I came out of the building, the only car I saw was a brand spanking new Lincoln Town Car, limo style, with tinted windows and the whole nine. The plates weren't livery, so somebody important owned this fly ride. I started walking towards the car and the locks popped open. A guy jumped out of the front and opened the door for me in the back.

“How you doing?” he asked.

“Fine,” I responded, as I got in the back of this Signature Series Stinkin’ Lincoln and the guy next to the driver handed me a box.

“This is what my man needs you to bring to his people. Can you get it to them? See, he wants to make his anniversary special, so he got this for his wife. Can you make sure she gets it, so that she has it on in the visit?”

Without hesitation, I said, “Yes.”

“Yo’ anything you need you just let me know and I can do it for you. You're like family to us now. So if anybody hurts you, they hurt us, and we ain’t gonna have that, you understand?”


“This car is going to take you home or wherever you want to go from here.” He handed me a piece of paper with a phone number scribbled on it. “I’m J.D. and if you need me for anything, money, problems, whatever…get in touch with me.” Before he left the car, he told the driver to take me wherever I wanted to go. Then he gave me five, we shook and he got out of the limo.

As I sat in the car alone, I thought about what was said to me. I knew the depth of what was being put upon me and I knew that I was now a Made Woman. Death before dishonor! I will not tell! I opened the box to see what it was I needed to get to his wife tomorrow. I wasn't ready for what I saw. I pulled out the black velvet box and opened it up in the back of the dark limo, with tinted windows. My heart stopped as I took a deep breath and held it! I swear to God I had never seen anything like this in my entire life. If there was ever a question of how much dough this boy was working with, this ceased all doubts. It was a set of teardrop pink diamond earrings over fifty carats in diamonds. OH MY FREAKING GOODNESS! I was so stuck I forgot to breathe again. “Where to, ma'am?” the driver continued asking me, but I didn't hear him until about the fourth time he asked. I was in a totally dark car. I pushed down the window so I could get some air, the light from the streetlight above caught the earrings and they turned blue. It lit up the entire back of the car like a disco ball from back in the days at the club. I could have read the newspaper to this light. I was impressed! Oh hell yeah, I was impressed! And now I was in the family! That night Develin hung out and I wasn’t mad. Though things were all gravy between us, there was no need for him to know about this.

It was time to not tell him so much of what was going on, cause if he ever wanted to tell, he didn’t need to know everything.

( Continued... )

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About the Author

Producer /Filmmaker/ Author/Screenwriter- Lynne Forde

Lynne Forde is currently producing both film and television projects. Saffyre’s debut project “Lies of Blue” is based on the debut novel from author Lynne Forde. This project is being produced as a feature film and will be marketed at the major film festivals including Toronto, Tribeca, and Cannes. She has received critical acclaim for both the screenplay and the novel Lies of Blue, which has just been created as a short film. Ms. Forde was accepted to the Producers Network in 2012 to the 65th Annual Cannes Film Festival in Cannes France. The short film Lies of Blue was also official selection for the AAWIC in 2012 and the San Diego Black Film Festival in 2013. Her documentary “GRINDING” – Lynne Forde’s up close and personal interview with music legends The Poindexters was accepted to San Diego Black Film Festival and won Audience Choice at the Poconos Mountain Film Festival in 2014.

Lynne is the producer and co-writer for the documentary “GRINDING” – Lynne Forde’s up close and personal interview with music legends The Poindexters. She is currently filming the episodic series “The Gray Area”.

In May 2014, Lynne became the Director of the African American Women in Cinema's Florida Chapter. Whether writing or producing, Lynne is constantly working to move herself and films of color forward to a higher level. Lynne Forde is positioning herself to be an irresistible force in the industry.

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