#BlackLove: Jason's Valentine Gift by Janice L. Dennie

Jason's Valentine Gift
by Janice L. Dennie

Jason Underwood returns home from Afghanistan only to find his girlfriend happily married to another man. To help him get some rest, Jason’s sister, Tisha convinces him to accompany her on a vacation to Napa, California to visit their relatives. Upon arrival, Jason realizes the airlines has misplaced his bag containing his pain medication. He visits the local VA hospital where he is treated by Nurse Amber Carrington, who threatens to crack his icy exterior. But Jason is determined not to allow another woman past his carefully guarded heart.

Amber Carrington is on a mission to heal as many veterans as possible after losing her ex-boyfriend in Afghanistan. To Amber, Lieutenant Jason Underwood comes off as a bossy, commando type of soldier, used to barking out orders to his subordinates. But she’s accustomed to that kind of behavior from her patients, and sees through Jason’s tough exterior. She sees a man who, like her, suffers from a broken heart. Will Jason allow Amber to heal his wounded leg as well as his wounded heart? Will Amber overcome losing her ex-boyfriend?

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The Underwood brothers have inherited the character DNA of their male ancestors, a line of old fashioned southern gentlemen who took great pride in protecting their families. The matriarch of the family, Henrietta Underwood, has dubbed each one of her five grandchildren with a character trait. As the eldest brother, Kenton Underwood is “the protective one.” He’s protective of his family and environment, and stays busy running his family’s winery. Kenton has no room for love until he meets sexy, understated, Briana Rutledge, who finds a special place in his heart. Justin Underwood is “the strong one.” He’s the hotshot civil rights attorney who carries his family with his strength in the court of law. He fights, in court, to protect the woman he loves. But, Ashley Jacobs, has a family secret that prevents her from totally committing to Justin. The Underwood’s of Napa Valley series takes place in a romantic setting that enhances love, passion and relationships, and changes personalities forever.

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Embracing Black Love by Janice L. Dennie

What’s the difference between Black love, White love, Asian love, Latino love, Native American love or interracial love? We are all God's creations and we all seek to be loved and nutured! But, today my focus is Black Love and I think it comes down to our unique history and the love of our diverse cultures. In writing this article about Black love, I decided to go back to a time in American history, when it was against the law for African Americans to love, marry or have a family. Even under those harsh circumstances, forced laborers still found a way to express their love. Since church weddings were unlawful, they came up with the idea of jumping the broom to demonstrate their love and commitment to each other.

One thing we have learned throughout American history is that Black love is strong. It has survived the Jim Crow period—a time plagued with unjust laws and rampant lynching. It survived the Greenwood and Rosewood race riots, and others all over the country. It survived the civil rights era when people died fighting segregation and for the right to vote. Black love has survived under the harshest circumstances imaginable.

Today, in the midst of ratchet reality T.V. shows with it fighting, arguing and high drama designed to increase ratings, Black love may appear to be hiding under a rock. But then it raises its beautiful head in the lives of people like President Obama and Michelle, Jay-Z and BeyoncĂ©, and Ruby and Ossie Davis. Black love also shows up in the souls of the people behind the “Black Lives Matter,” movement.

Even though Black love had a rough beginning, it is still alive and well today. It manifests itself in a young man, working in a low paying job, yearning to give his beloved a five carat diamond ring but expressing his love with a simple gold band that fits his budget. It lives in the life of a young woman fighting to believe that she needs love, even though, her peers tell her that she does not.

Like breathing air, all humans need to love and be loved by others in order to survive. Even roughneck, bad boy thug types, need love. Some people become lonely and depressed, and commit terrible crimes against humanity, in the absence of love or belonging. The need for love can overpower the need for relationships basic sustenance like bread and water.

I enjoy writing about love and relationships, because everyone wants to be in love. In my romance novels, I create stories about handsome heroes and feisty heroines who approach love from different perspectives. But love always conquers whatever obstacles my characters face.

I’m thinking about blogging about love and relationships on my website http://www.janicedennie.com  Stop by, when you get a chance and tell me what you think about this article.

Meet the Author

Romance readers everywhere are enamored of Janice L. Dennie's handsome heroes and feisty heroines as they tumble breathlessly in love among the pages of exciting stories set against the backdrop of California's Napa Valley Wine Country. With a sensual voice and luxuriant style reminiscent of the great romance writers, Ms. Dennie's romances are dishes of luscious ice cream with candy sprinkles that keeps readers coming back for more of her smooth literary desserts!

Born to a military family that settled in San Francisco, California, where Ms. Dennie attended middle and high school. She later graduated from California State University, and began a career with a federal agency.

Ms. Dennie wrote and published two novels that launched her into the limelight of the romance industry. She continues to write romance novels that have readers reaching for her books time and again as she delivers love stories featuring beautiful, independent women and tall, dark and dangerous men.

Determined to enjoy her life as she writes her way to the top of the bestseller lists, Ms. Dennie enjoys watching football with her husband, and visiting her family. She still has time to garden, volunteer in her community, and read her beloved romance novels!

Stamped with her signature of excellence, Ms. Dennie's latest series, THE UNDERWOODS OF NAPA VALLEY series are heartwarming romances woven into the gorgeous tapestry of the wine industry, its lush vineyards and the elegant men and women who still believe in the power of love! To learn more about Janice L. Dennie and her books, visit www.JaniceDennie.com and indulge in delicious claret of literary pleasure!

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