#BlackLove: Hands Off My Man by Monica Lynne Foster

Hands Off My Man by Monica Lynne Foster
A Chanelle Series Novel – Book 2

Chanelle Slate believes she has it all. Beauty, a six-figure career, love of family, and a ride or die best friend. But the best part of her life is that she’s in love with a man she’d only dreamed about. She knows her marriage proposal is around the corner and she can’t wait to be Mrs. Chanelle Faust. Then she meets her man’s ex, and discovers his ex suffers from a mental illness. Will Chanelle find a way to keep her man without crossing the line and driving his ex over the edge?

Twyla Logan-Faust is used to being a kept woman. But when her boyfriend is sentenced to life without parole and her accountant takes off with her money, her world falls apart. She turns to her ex-husband, Rick, hoping to resume her position as his wife. Rick is the only man who knows about her bipolar condition and he’s the only one she can trust. Even when she discovers he’s moved on, she remains confident that no other woman can replace her. With a little coaxing, she’s positive she’ll be Mrs. Twyla Faust again.

Rick Faust is caught in the middle. His love for Chanelle is undeniable, but he was married to Twyla for years. He knows Twyla’s condition is real and he’s worried about what she might do if he rejects her. It’s impossible to make both women happy and he realizes his decision will change all of their lives forever.

The battle is on! With both women determined to be the new Mrs., who will be able to say… Hands Off My Man!

Hands Off My Man Book Reviews 

I'm telling you, within a year, this is a writer everyone will know.
– Victoria Christopher Murray, award-winning author of Stand Your Ground

Monica Lynne Foster is an extraordinary new voice in African American fiction whose writing captivates you from beginning to end. The novel is intriguing, loving, suspenseful and well written.
– Maria D. Williams, Film/TV Producer 

Reading Monica's story was a pleasure. She has created characters that leap off the page, and she has captured the secret formula to crafting a great novel.
– Richelle Denise, Co-Author of Pay Day

Hands Off My Man captured my attention at page one. This is sign of a great read when you care about the characters! Monica Lynne Foster does that well.
– Carolyn Barry-Ginyard

This is the first piece of literature I have read by Mrs. Foster and it will not be the last. She keeps her readers on the edge of their seat from page one. It is a must read.
– Kanika N Payne, Greensboro NC

Using the precision of an expert weaver, Monica has crafted a tale of mystery and intrigue, while also calling attention to the issue of mental illness. This book is definitely a must read!
– Arnitris L. Strong, Creator of blessedbethetie.com 

Monica has done it again! Reading this book was very enjoyable. I could not tear myself away. This book contains all of the good stuff. It is juicy, has action, emotions, thrills, and chills.
– Debbie Greggs

I read this book without reading the first book in the series, but I wasn't disappointed! Monica's writing style is easy to read and straight to the point, which made it easy to follow the storyline. Great read!
– Rochelle Prestage

Excerpt from Hands Off My Man


Chapter 1 – Chanelle Slate

Did my boyfriend’s ex-wife really call and say she was taking him back from me? I looked over at him, sitting on the couch watching television, and my spirit filled with more love than I ever thought was possible. He was everything I’d asked God to bring me. Strong arms that held me when I needed it. Hazel eyes that looked at me with passion, love, and the right amount of lust. Broad shoulders designed just for me to lean on. And deep pockets that allowed him to spoil me. But the best part of my man, was his big heart. A heart that had enough room to love me unconditionally. I could feel my marriage proposal coming and I was excited about starting our life together as one. And then I got that call from that heifer.

Well, actually, it wasn’t me she called. It was him. A week ago today, Rick received a call from Twyla, but I was the one who answered his phone. I thought back to that day…

“Hey, sweetie,” Rick said, meeting me out on the deck where I was grilling salmon and asparagus.

“Hey, babe.” I greeted him with a peck on the lips. “Dinner is almost ready so go wash your hands.”

“Yes, ma’am,” he joked, and set his sunglasses and phone on the table before heading inside.

As he walked out of the sunroom, his phone rang. “Babe, would you grab that?”

Still smiling, I said, “I got it.” I glanced at the caller ID and it said, “Unknown.”


“Who is this?” a female voice asked.

“Who is this?” I responded with my own question.

“This is Rick’s wife. Twyla.”

I was taken aback. “Excuse me, but don’t you mean his ex-wife?” I corrected her.

“Once a wife, always a wife. Now is Rick there?” she demanded. “Because I want to speak with my husband.”

Was she serious? “My man is unavailable at the moment, but I’ll tell him you called. Would you like to leave a message?”

In a tone drenched with sex, she replied, “Humph. Yeah, as a matter of fact I do. You tell him that we’re not over. I’m comin’ back to take what’s mine. He knows the number. Have him call me.” Then she hung up before I had a chance to respond.

“Babe, who was on the phone?” Rick asked, coming up behind me and nuzzling my neck.

I turned to face him. “That was your ex-wife. She said to call her. She wants you back.” I pushed the cell phone into his chest and stormed out of the room.

He was speechless and in an instant, I saw the peace of my life shatter. I had a feeling I would be calling Michele later that evening because I had a problem and she was the only one I trusted to help me fix it.

And I did call Michele, who was my best friend since childhood, and my ride or die when necessary. She’d been married for years and told me that it wasn’t unusual for a woman to occasionally reach out to her ex to test the water. She said I handled it appropriately and not to worry. I was reminded that Rick was in love with me and wasn’t going back to Twyla. But I’d wasted the better part of my twenties and the beginning of my thirties with a man who I discovered was on the down low. Now that I had Rick and the love I wanted, I wasn’t going to let anything steal my future. A future that I’d waited far too long to become my present.

Rick reassured me that he hadn’t loved her in years and I had nothing to fear. But still, I didn’t like the fact that she’d resurfaced after so much time had passed. There was no way any good would come of her return and I was going to nip this, whatever ‘this’ was, in the bud.

( Continued... )

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A Chanelle Series Novel – Book 2
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