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THE LAST KING by A. Yamina Collins

by A. Yamina Collins

Twenty-eight year Emmy Hughes has never quite fit in---she's six feet tall, dark-skinned, and daydreams of being Galadriel from Lord of the Rings. But when she is badly injured in a car accident that kills her mother, Emmy does not dream of fantastical worlds anymore---she just wants her shattered life to be normal again.

Unfortunately, normalcy is the last thing in store for her once she meets Lake George's newest arrival, Dr. Gilead Knightly. Granted immortality from a line of people whose Great Ancestor marched into the Garden of Eden and ate from the Tree of Life, Gilead has been alive for centuries and has met everyone from Nubian kings to Napoleon.

But Gilead and his eccentric family are also hunted beings because God considers the Edenites' possession of immortality to be theft. And for thousands of years He has dealt with their transgression by sending each of them a "Glitch" ---an unsuspecting human meant to…

With These Hands: A Country Girl Came To Town by Bonnie Taylor-Williams

With These Hands: A Country Girl Came To Town
by Bonnie Taylor-Williams

With These Hands
is an inspiring story of the life of Selena, who as a young girl in 1941 arrived in the big windy City of Chicago on a bus from Memphis Tennessee by way of Clarksdale Mississippi with all that she owned in her two hands. Her new baby girl in one arm, her suitcase and handmade quilt was in her other arm. Away from her mother, family and everything considered home for the first time in her young life Selena had no idea what the future held for her…but God knew.

As a young newlywed, new mother in a new town, from cooking all of her meals in her one speckled pan to becoming a successful business woman owning multiple beauty and hair weev salons in Chicago and Detroit. Selena who began as a “kitchen beautician” went from charging fifty cents a head in her kitchen to charging hundreds and then thousands per head in her professional salons.

Teaching and sharing her craft of Hair Weev Technology…

The Devil Made Me Do It by Colette R. Harrell

The Devil Made Me Do It 
by Colette R. Harrell
The voluptuous Esther Wiley has always known that she is special. She’s a tiara-wearing, wand-carrying kind of Cinderella princess in disguise. The problem that her very own Fairy Godmother, the Prophetess Mother Reed, struggles with is getting her to live like it.

Briggs Stokes is the reluctant heir to his father’s worldwide, multimillion-dollar televangelist ministry, yet he yearns to be his own man. His past mistakes have caused him a private life of hurt and loneliness.

Esther and Briggs meet and develop a deep soul connection, until tragedy strikes and the two are thrust apart. Their separation leads each down a different path scattered with emotional minefields. While each step they take brings them closer to who they were always meant to be, the devil is on assignment. He sends in reinforcements to usher in confusion and create chaos, and soon no one is safe. The members of Love Zion church reel from the rumors, innuendo, and downri…

Enough was Never Enough: A Novella by Michelle Morgan Spady

Enough was Never Enough: A Novella
by Michelle Morgan Spady

Evelynn “Jade” Baxter, author and successful businesswoman, commands a crowd of young, urban, up-and-coming women. Jade's followers believe she is the epitome of success, but what they don’t know is Jade is haunted by her past. Despite her success, more than anything Jade wants to forget her painful past. Unfortunately for Jade, someone very close has no intentions of letting her forget her not so illustrious beginning.

When her twin sister, Lynn Baxter, decides to expose Jade's past to her followers, she sets off an emotional roller coaster in Jade's life, as well as her own. To make matters worse, Lynn's cruelty could cause Jade to lose the man she loves.


Look at her, there she goes again. Always dressed to the nines, make that to the tens. It’s rare that you’ll find anything wrong with her, no one does. It’s her self-confidence and the way she just shows …

Hostile Eyewitness by Tyora Moody

Hostile Eyewitness by Tyora Moody
Serena Manchester Series (Book One)

Depressed from the complications of a head injury, SERENA MANCHESTER seeks solitude in the hometown she left almost twenty-five years before. Unknown to Serena, her hometown's landscape has changed and unseemly elements have seeped into the quaint Southern seaport town.

One night Serena witnesses a gang-related crime. She thinks she recognizes one of the young men, but chooses not to identify him. What if her brain injury has deceived her perceptions? Her estranged family has already reminded her why she left town in the first place. Drawing attention to herself and perhaps threatening her well-being is the last thing Serena needs.

Serena is determined to keep a low-profile, but Trey Evans persistently tries to draw her from her hiding place. With her track record with men, Serena isn't interested. What does she have in common with a minister even if they were childhood friends?

When tragedy strike…

DONUM: A Novel by Alexandra Lane

DONUM: A Novel
by Alexandra Lane

A prophecy was foretold, death and destruction were released and Armageddon would soon be upon the world. But before the world knew what was coming, what was waiting in the shadows, it all began in the small town of Capers, NC. 

What if you moved to a small town because you loved the isolation from the rest of the world? And what if evil decided to move to that very town for the same reason? More than a century ago, a prophecy was foretold that a stranger will arrive as a light, but darkness will besiege his heart. That a child will be born who will rise up in strength and power, and see through the eyes of God. However, when the two come to fruition, Armageddon would soon be upon the world. But before the world knew what was coming, what was waiting in the shadows, it all began in the small town of Capers.

DONUM is the story of a young man named Teal, whose birth will signify the end of days and an epic battle between good and evil. How…

The Greatest Ah Ha Moment by E. N. Joy

The Greatest Ah Ha Moment
by E. N. Joy

My life just completely changed. I always say that the greatest "Ah Ha" moment a person could ever have is when their life begins to make sense. I live, breathe, see, hear, eat, sleep, think, taste, feel, smell the written word. It is my life. I've made bestsellers lists, won awards, appeared in magazines, had books translated to different languages, put on audio and more, but I was always yearning/desiring/chasing more. I can’t put my finger on one specific thing. Perhaps I was longing for more notoriety, money or what have you. I achieved things that I am most proud of and that other authors have yet to accomplish. But nothing was filling on a long-term basis. Nothing made me feel like I knew what my purpose in this writing thing was. I just knew that it took up all of my time and all of my money, and in most cases, with a very small financial return. Of course the wonderful feeling of gratitude I receive from read…

Mafietta Movement Sparks Initiative To Change Lives

Mafietta Movement Sparks Initiative To Change Lives

E.W. Brooks
author and owner of E.W. Brooks Books LLC, Launches Campaign to Introduce Methods of Empowerment via countless digital platforms.  The Mafietta Movement began last year when E.W. Brooks penned her first book "Mafietta." The term was meant to describe women, ready to rise above their circumstance to achieve their dreams. While the Movement empowers and educates; the Mafietta Novella Series is strictly geared to entertain. Watch Mafietta's sneak peek to see what all the hype is about and then read the series that has its readers talking and wishing for more.

E.W. Brooks, author of one of Amazon Book’s fastest selling ebooks titled “Mafietta -The Rise of a Female Boss” has focused her attention on cultivating entrepreneurs young and old to think out side of the box using today’s digital space for empowerment and self-improvement.

E.W. Brooks is currently on tour conducting radio interviews, lectures, sp…

Tempting the Artist by Sharon C. Cooper

Tempting the Artist
by Sharon C. Cooper

Award-winning and bestselling author Sharon C. Cooper brings you another exciting romance!

Christina “CJ” Jenkins, a free-spirited painter by trade is juggling her obligation to the family construction business, with the demands of her secret passion. A secret life she has successfully hidden until recently. When sexy, bad-boy attorney, Luke Hayden, enters the picture, he steals her heart. But the truth of Christina’s double life buried under lies, threatens to destroy them both.

Luke is leaving New York to escape the drama, which is his life. Starting over in Cincinnati with Christina appeals to him more than he will admit. Although her secret jeopardizes their steamy affair, it’s not until someone threatens to destroy the Jenkins family empire, and uses Luke to carry out their plan, that their relationship is truly tested. Luke will do what he can to help the Jenkins family, but he will stop at nothing to tempt the woman who has capt…

JULY 28TH CELEBRATION: Secret Indiscretions by Trice Hickman

Secret Indiscretions 
by Trice Hickman

The first book in the Dangerous Love Series 

Two couples, two unhappy spouses--one shocking solution. . .

Five years into her happy marriage, Geneva Mayfield is devastated to find that things have taken a turn for the worse. Her husband, Johnny, is suddenly hard to reach, distant, and works late too often for Geneva not to be suspicious. Is it because she's been pressuring him about having a baby? Feeling lonely and neglected, Geneva bonds with Robert Owens, a colleague who is having marital trouble of his own. Soon, their relationship blossoms into an uncontrollable affair.

Bored with her husband, Robert, and dead set against having a child with him, Vivana Owens is biding her time until she's ready to leave--and she's spending it with Johnny Mayfield. It's just a fling--until Vivana becomes obsessed with Johnny, especially once he tries to win back his wife. But affairs don't end easy--and soon one of the unfaithfu…