Daughter of the Game III: Burning Waters by KAI

Daughter of the Game III: Burning Waters 
by KAI

When hate and revenge rain down like lava spewing from a volcano, even the Waters can't extinguish the fire.

Ricardo triggered a war with plans to snatch the Waters' empire from Armand, but just like a match dropped in the dry woods, no one can control the explosions that ultimately tear across the city and his family. While Pete executes revenge, Armand is left gathering what's left of TW2: Monique and Michelle. As secrets tumble out, and the threat of elimination becomes a reality, the Waters wage a final war that will cost them everything. This time, it's every man and woman for themselves. Game Over.

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When his eyes opened, Armand saw Monique in front of him, smiling. It was her shy smile, the one that crept onto her face when she was thinking naughty thoughts.

He smiled back. It was good to see her again. Armand couldn’t remember why they weren’t speaking this time, what it was that they were mad about. It didn’t matter. He had never wanted to see someone else so badly in his life. His hands grasped both sides of her face and he stroked her lips with his thumb. “You came to me.”

“Always,” she whispered and then placed a soft kiss on his thumb. “I’m always here for you, Army, when you call. Let me show you.”

Her words reminded him of some anger deep within him, something that he couldn’t put his finger on. It didn’t matter, though. He just needed her now. She leaned in and kissed his neck. He breathed in the fragrant smell of Argon oil in her hair.

“You still love me?” He hated that he had to ask the question. But he needed to know. What he had felt with Monique he had never thought possible before, and he damn sure would never allow himself to feel it again. If she didn’t feel it too, now was the time to put the cards on the table.

“Always,” she said again. Monique sighed, her warm breath grazing his ear. “I will always love you. Come back to me, Army. Please. Please give me another chance.”

He opened his eyes. “What do you mean, I’m right here…”

“I need you, Armand. I messed up. I messed everything up.”

Her lips pressed against his. They were still the softest lips he had ever felt. Her tongue played with the tip of his.

His eyes burned from the smoke. His breath caught as if someone had a plunger on his heart, then air pushed itself back into his lungs. He coughed, writhing on the concrete, his body sprawled out in the street. With each second of realization filling his mind, the image of Monique faded.

He spit up blood and pressed his hands against his ears, trying desperately to stop the ringing.

“Oh shit.” Armand pulled his sweatshirt over his face and breathed into the fabric. He could hear a mini voice through a phone somewhere near his head, calling his name.

Armand reached around his head until his fingers scraped the edge of a small trap phone.

“Army, say something man! Please! Yo, where are you?”

“Yo, my ride,” it took a few breaths before Army could steady his tongue to get the words right, “they blew up my ride.”

“What…were you in it?”

Armand didn’t answer that, letting the obvious reveal itself. He glanced around. The street was empty, his car parked across from an empty playground. He wanted to go back and check on Maya, but then again, he didn’t want to bring more danger to her by going back to her spot. He stood stuck for a second, unable to think of his next move.

“Think think think.” Armand pounded his hand against his head.

“Move son,” Andre’s voice sounded tiny coming from the phone held down by Armand’s leg.

Armand raised the phone to his head. “Come get me from that general store on Ford St.”

“On my way.”

The sound of police sirens snapped him back to reality. He stepped backward, away from the wreckage, away from Cornhill, away from Maya and her home. Away from comfort. Away from any sense of stability. War had just come to claim him, again.

Armand pulled out the last phone that was buried in his hip pocket, the one he rarely used. The one reserved to talk to the head man—Pete Waters.

He dialed as he walked, his hoodie slung over his head, a slight limp from the pain pounding down his spine from being thrown on the pavement.

The phone rang while he was dialing. Pete rarely called him, they always sent messages through others. The worst was actually happening. Armand clenched his jaw as he pressed “Accept.”

The sound of chaos filled his ears. Bullets and shouting. “Army, they on us. All over the place.”

“Me too, Pops. Where you at?”

“Naw, don’t come over here. It’s full on, Army, they trying to wipe out everything. All the spots blowing up…”

“Tell me what I need to do! Where are you…?”

“Aww!” The sound of pain scraped Armand’s ears. “I’m hit.”

“Big man, tell me where you at.”

“Boy, listen, get my kids. I can handle this,” there was a pause then Army heard the loud kick of Pete’s .45 magnum.

“I can’t hear you—”

“My family Army…get them to safety. You the only one I trust, I need you to do it.” Army heard footsteps, Pete was breathing heavy in his ear as he ran. “Make sure Mikki is safe, go to her first. Then Ricardo….Miriam.”

“Easy, Pops, I got it. But where are—”

“Listen to me, Army, get my people safe. I will reach out to you…if I can. You hear me boy.” His voice was fading, weakening with each word.

“Yes, I—”

“And get down south and get my hardheaded daughter, Army. Make sure Monique is covered—”

The phone disconnected.

(  Continued...  )

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