#BondingThruBooks Speaker - Tess Tims

Tess Tims is a master hair stylist, salon professional, life transformation coach and educator. Like many of the people she’s touched and helped with her story, Tess knows what it is like to be a business owner who struggles to keep her head above water. At one point, she couldn’t pay a $42 water bill. However, Tess used her skills as a hair restoration expert to change the game for her and her family while helping women who needed to feel beautiful again. Visit her at: www.TessTims.com

The 3 C's System: Your One Evening Guide to Health and Wealth Creation

Success doesn’t have to be complicated, confusing, or drawn-out… and neither should the tools you rely on to help you get there! Give Tess one evening and let her take you from chaos to clarity and commitment, the 3 C’s of Success. Simply put, life is a series of CHOICES. The quality of your life will, in a very big way, always reflect the quality of the choices you make.

I wrote The 3 C’s To Achieving Success” to help you make better choices and create a BETTER LIFE. “The 3 C’s System” is the story of her own journey, a collection of strategies for achieving success, and a road-map designed to guide you to successfully reaching your own destination!

The 3 C's System: Your One Evening Guide to Health and Wealth Creation

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