#BondingThruBooks Speaker - Lisa Renee Johnson

I Got Sunshine™ is about engaging in your life from a place of true authenticity, It means no long living life on the surface but getting in touch with your deeper self.  It’s about learning to shine from the inside out and living your truth, A true reflection of your beliefs and values.  It’s about self-awareness and INSTINCTS being awakened and guiding you IN your daily choices.  It’s about self-reflection, practice and most importantly unconditional love of YOU!   Website:  http://www.igotsunshine.com

I Got Sunshine™  is a women’s empowerment movement.   Our eCourses will launch in January 2015.  We have free content available for those who join our mailing list and we currently have t-shirts and mugs available at:  https://squareup.com/market/brown-girl-press

Author Lisa Renee Johnson is a sought-after speaker, coach and self-made Sunshineologist.  In 2014 she founded I Got Sunshine™, a women’s empowerment movement dedicated to supporting women on their journey of self-discovery and learning to shine from the inside out.  Through creative expression and self-reflective mediums, she coaches women on how to get in touch with their purpose, discover their passions and learn to shine from the inside out. Lisa Renee is a fiction writer and the author of the soon to be released, When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Sunshine: 10 Simple Strategies to Living Your Happy Now.

Lisa Renee Johnson
Author Speaker Coach
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