Was it Good For You Too? by Naleighna Kai

Tailan Song has four days to pull off the biggest accomplishment of her career or lose everything she’s worked so hard to gain. Throwing all her energy into making a Midwest tour for twenty-one authors work when everyone expects failure is certain to keep her mind off of the turmoil in her personal life. That is, until her high school sweetheart, Delvin Germaine, now an Oscar-winning actor, lands on the bus at the last minute, and the heartthrob spells certain trouble for Tailan.

Years before, the couple complicated their lives by bringing another woman into the relationship to bear Delvin’s children. When threatened with losing the family he always wanted, Delvin felt he had no choice but to marry the surrogate and send Tailan packing, in spite of the fact that he loved Tailan like he loved no other woman.

Now seven years later, Fate has given Delvin four days to right old wrongs, and he’ll use everything in his power to win Tailan back. Unfortunately, Tailan is harboring a secret that she’s kept not only from him, but from the world. His determination to have her will turn the tables and make him have to either share Tailan with another man or walk away from the strongest love he’s ever known.


“Was it Good For You Too? is sexy, sensational and an emotional rollercoaster that every reader will love to ride. Naleighna Kai has penned the perfect book to follow her provocative novel, Open Door Marriage.”
—Martha Kennerson, author of Choices and Consequences.


Excerpt:  Was it Good For You Too? by Naleighna Kai

Chapter 2

Delvin didn’t have a quick comeback for Tailan. He could only take in the anger flashing in her soft brown eyes. She had creamy golden skin, a pert nose, almond-shaped eyes, and inviting lips—a beautiful, exotic combination. She looked absolutely sexy with a touch of magnificent thrown in to give him an erection that could plow through rush hour traffic.

Anger often made Delvin play dirty. He tossed over his shoulder to Tailan’s boss, “I see I’m not the only star on this bus.”

The warning look David flashed Tailan made her whisper to Delvin, “I’m going to put you over my knee and spank that ass.” But she sat back down, scooting over to the window seat.

“Was that a promise or a threat?” he drawled.

She threw him a look that could melt the North Pole.

Delvin ignored her animosity and joined her. She kept her gaze firmly fixed outside the window, but he plucked the novel from her manicured fingers to get her attention and placed the book behind his back. “How’ve you been?”

Tailan’s eyes nearly cut him in half as her head snapped in his direction. She dashed a quick glance to David, who continued to throw daggers her way. She took a deep breath and mumbled, “I was wonderful until you showed up.” She gave a quick “I’ll get to you later” nod in David’s direction before turning her heated gaze again to Delvin. “You’re playing with my livelihood, Delvin,” she strained through a tight smile. “David is the Vice President of Nelson Entertainment Group. Because of you, he’s watching me more closely during one of the most challenging events of my career.”

“It’s your own fault. All—”

“Shut it,” Tailan commanded, snapping her fingers together like a duck’s beak. “It’s taken me months of fancy footwork and my best impression of James Brown’s baby, baby, baby pleeeeeeeassse, to get the publishers and big-box retailers on board.” Her eyelids dipped over her incredible eyes. Her lips pursed in a thin line, and Delvin realized he wanted to kiss them. She rubbed her temples as she continued. “Everyone expects this book tour to fail. David has already warned—hell, more like flat-out threatened—that if this tour doesn’t meet the projected numbers I guaranteed …” Tailan shook her head and turned away.

Being in her presence was pleasure and pain. Delvin had loved this woman since the summer he had found her hiding in a classroom at school. She had no place to go and had eaten her last meal two days before. Even in her most vulnerable state, she was still the most courageous person he knew. He loved her to this day, and he knew that would never change. He had to make things right between them.

Tailan dug in her bag for another book. He confiscated that one too.

She looked over to David, who was now completely absorbed in his tablet, then back to Delvin.

Delvin waited. Tailan said nothing. Delvin waited some more. She still remained stubbornly silent.

He blew out a weary breath. “Talk to me.” Delvin held out her coveted novel, and she placed it on her lap. “There’s nothing to talk about.”

“I’ve missed you.”

Tailan waved her hand dismissively. “No doubt,” she taunted. “Is your wife still serving it up to every Tom, Dick, and Harry, Sally, Sue, and Mary Jane?”

Delvin felt the volcanic rush of blood through him. “That was low, even for you, Tai.”

“Really?” she asked with a toothy grin. “I learned from the best, so I’ll take that as a compliment.”

Delvin’s surrogate-turned-last-minute wife had caused Tailan years of unnecessary tears and grief. Evidently that grief had turned into an anger so large it needed a zip code of its own.

After shooting three movies back to back, he had hoped this tour would afford him some quiet time to reflect on his next move in life, especially since Gabrielle’s publicist recently leaked a “major alert” that they weren’t divorcing—a blatant lie. His agent sold him on being part of the Woodland tour to promote his new novel. But Delvin saw the move for what it really was—a way to keep Delvin away from Gabrielle until this new issue was sorted out.

“You were engaged to me,” Tailan attacked, effectively pulling him back from his trip down a memory lane that had more potholes than a Chicago street. “She lied to you and you married her instead. You made your choice.”

“She was pregnant with my child—a child, may I remind you, that you told me to have with her!” he shot back. “Because you swore up and down you weren’t having one.”

Tailan sank deeper into her seat and studied him. The way her eyes traveled along every inch of his body triggered tremors of desire in him but also sparks of caution. He was right to be cautious, as she wasn’t about to let him off the hook.

“Are you really that dense? That child isn’t even yours,” she countered. “If it is, that was the loooooongest pregnancy known to man. Ten-and-a half months, right? She was on a movie set those first two months. Last time I checked, numbers don’t lie. The truth is plain. But then again, I didn’t marry her, so that’s not my business.”

Delvin felt humiliation erode his normally stoic features.

“So, you still want to talk, sweetheart?” She flipped open her novel and looked down at the pages.

(  Continued...  )

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