The One That I Want - Holiday Anthology

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Spirit is amazing! I'm so excited about the projects Zuri and I are working on, but had to come out of the cave to share something that is dear to my heart. It's a tad lengthy but knowledge is power, and I wanted you to be one of the first to know the story behind the story. 

In April, I attended the RT (Romantic Times) Booklovers Convention, an annual event drawing 2,000 avid, excited, mostly-White book lovers every single year. This year, I was delighted that the organization chose to honor the legends of African-American Romance! Brenda Jackson, Beverly Jenkins, and Sandra Kitt were on hand to personally receive awards!!!

Next, they ran a video featuring more legends, our stars who've paved the way for so many including: Gwynne Forster, Rochelle Alers, the late Francis Ray, Evelyn Palfry, Shirley Halstock and Donna Hill. For each new face, a spattering of enthusiastic applause from the dozen or so AA authors in attendance went up. I looked around and wondered why the majority weren't clapping. Then it hit me. This huge ballroom filled with diehard romancers had no idea who these writers were.

That is a shame.

Recently, I attended the National Book Club Conference in Atlanta, where 300 or so loyal, voracious readers, many of them part of a book club, gathered to celebrate readers, especially book clubs, authors and the written word. During a panel discussion, we talked about the rapidly-changing industry, the dwindling employment and publishing opportunities and how the wonderfully written stories by prolific authors could be read not only by more of our own culture, but by everyone. A special concern for several in attendance, is the fact that those making the decisions regarding content, relevance, book covers, topics, and in general what makes a good and believable African-American story are often people who are not Black nor familiar with Black culture.

What can we do to take back our voice?

Great question, one I'd discussed passionately with Publicist Ella Curry, of EDC-Creations, just one month ago. The answer isn't necessarily simple, but it doesn't have to be over-complicated either. Do what we've always done. Put our heads together and make it happen. Come together for a common cause. Through the use of collective consumerism, we can catapult a number of well-deserving authors onto the pages that will not only get them noticed, but increase their sales, which in turn, increases their power in the boardroom. Additionally, it would put their book titles in places where more readers, buyers, publishers, etc., can know their name and discover these wonderful talents.

First up? The New York Times Bestseller list.
The campaign?  #WhatIWantWednesday,  promoting an upcoming anthology featuring Donna Hill, called The One That I Want.

Taking back our power is as easy as 1, 2, 3. 
#WhatIWantWednesday - October 8, 2014

1.  On or before October 8, 2014,  purchase an ebook copy of The One That I Want, featuring Cheris Hodges, Zuri Day and Donna Hill.

Send proof-of-purchase to:,  and be entered to win a prize package valued at $500.

3.  Watch your mail on October 15, to see who has won the grand  prize giveaway!


Join us!  Order your copy of The One That I Want today!
Let's be the change we want to see and diversify the literary landscape one author, one book, one click at a time! 

The One That I Want - Holiday Anthology

Heat up the winter nights with this trio of sexy, festive stories.

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Here is the anthology to put the sizzle in a cold winter night.  Three hits by Zuri Day, Cheris Hodges and Donna Hill!  How can you go wrong?

A Promise For The Holiday Donna Hill
Devastated by her divorce, Cara Holiday vowed never to be vulnerable again. Now she's a wildly successful real estate broker, and wildly lonely. Restaurateur Mitch Davis has had his eye on her, but can't break the ice--until he cooks up a scheme to hire her. Soon Cara is enjoying his company--and secretly drawing out the process of selling his house. When their deceptions collide, will their blossoming relationship make it to the holidays?

A Sexy Christmas Carol Zuri Day
After years of travel working for a pop diva, Carol Robbins has moved back to Detroit in time for the holidays. She's bought a home and bonded with her family. As for romance, she's got no prospects--until she attends a VIP party and makes a surprising love connection. Soon she's torn between her old "big life," her hopes for the future--and one man who may give her the greatest gift of all. . .

Christmas Surprise Cheris Hodges
Tired of coming second to her wealthy husband's career, Lola Yvonne Joseph is sending him a very special gift this year: divorce papers. Then she's leaving Miami for the kind of wintery white Christmas she's always wanted. She definitely does not expect Jonathan to track her down, whisk her away, and do everything possible to win her back. If he succeeds, Lola has one more surprise in store for him. . .