#AuthorReading: The Devil Made Me Do It by Colette R. Harrell

The Devil Made Me Do It 
by Colette R. Harrell

The Devil Made Me Do It  is Christian Fiction at its best. The novel is full of lessons about passion, pain and God's abundant blessings. Filled with suspense, laughter and touching moments, this page-turning novel will keep you on the edge of your seat until the last page. Colette is a new author to definitely watch. Brava, Ms. Harrell.   --- Victoria Christopher Murray, Bestselling Author

The voluptuous Esther Wiley has always known that she is special. She's a tiara-wearing, wand-carrying kind of Cinderella princess in disguise. The problem that her very own Fairy Godmother, the Prophetess Mother Reed, struggles with is getting her to live like it.
Briggs Stokes is the reluctant heir to his father's worldwide, multimillion-dollar televangelist ministry, yet he yearns to be his own man. His past mistakes have caused him a private life of hurt and loneliness.
Esther and Briggs meet and develop a deep soul connection, until tragedy strikes and the two are thrust apart. Their separation leads each down a different path scattered with emotional minefields. While each step they take brings them closer to who they were always meant to be, the devil is on assignment. He sends in reinforcements to usher in confusion and create chaos, and soon no one is safe. The members of Love Zion church reel from the rumors, innuendo, and downright sabotage that is going on around them.  
When others devise evil schemes to seek the destruction of Esther and Briggs through jealousy, greed, and murder, only divine intervention can save them. As an all-out battle for dominion breaks out in the heavens, will Esther and Briggs become a casualty of war?

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Captivating 5-Star Read!  Review written by Orsayor Simmons
We have heard the saying... When a reader opens a book, they are transported to a new world, and they never know what they may encounter. Maybe that's not exactly how the saying goes...

This author piqued my interest within the first few lines of the book. I started to reminisce on my childhood days growing up in Detroit. The book starts off with Esther as a kid experiencing her first disappointment in life. After standing in line for hours for an opportunity to try on Cinderella's slippers - when it fits she is told it doesn't and is sent on her way. As the book progresses - we get to witness the trials & tribulations Esther has to endure throughout her life.

"For each of his young assignments, he was just beginning. He knew from experience it was better to catch the fruit before it matured."

When I read that line I closed the book and started searching for my book tabs. This book shows how the enemy tries to build his "foundation" early on in our minds/lives. It can start with a simple heartbreak and manifest into something you think you have no control over. The author takes readers through each pivotal moment of the character's life which makes it easier to relate to their dilemma(s). This is a story of loss, love, family, faith, and forgiveness. The characters are well-written; the settings are so descriptive that you feel you are narrating the story.

The Devil Made Me Do It is a captivating novel from start to finish. Author Colette R. Harrell's debut novel will stay with the readers long after they have read the book. I highly recommend this book.

Hands Down! One of the best books I have read this year. (I'm on my 90th book for the year...)

Excerpt from Chapter Six
Roger clapped his hands in her face to emphasize his message. "I said you are not going out. You at that church too much as it is."

Esther flinched. She was a grown woman standing in front of her husband being scolded like a four-year-old. This man was evil and small-minded. The caramel angular face, she had once thought so attractive now held a demonic quality to it, the gray-silver eyes piercing with cruel intent.

She shivered and subconsciously crossed her heart with her right finger.

"Did your big tail just make the sign of the cross against me, girl? So now I'm the devil?" he raged.

Esther's chin quivered. "Don't call me names."

Before Esther could move, Roger snatched her backward and slapped her in the face. She backed away, holding her cheek in disbelief. She knew he had been drinking, but to hit her? Was he crazy? The hallway mirror provided proof of his madness; his handprint was red against the lightness of her complexion; the wetness in her eyes testament to her pain.

Roger's chest heaved from exertion as though he was trying to control himself. "See what you did?"

Grabbing his jacket and stomping to the door, Roger spun around, heading straight for Esther's purse. He rifled through it, found her wallet, and pulled out all of her cash; then he pushed the bills down into his pants pocket, and pat it in satisfaction.

Mission accomplished, he walked out the door, reminding her, "Girl, don't you go anywhere."

Esther felt cold hard rage, but she squashed it down and fled into the kitchen. All of a sudden she was hungry; frantically so. She grabbed containers out of her refrigerator. Placing a hefty amount of leftover fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, and collard greens on an oversized plate, tears trickling down her face. While she nuked the food in the microwave, she went to the sink and ran cold water. Afterward, she soaked a paper towel and applied it to her cheek, then slumped down onto the nearest kitchen chair.

She held her cheek and prayed. "Lord, I don't want to be here. Help me be a doer of your Word and not return evil for evil. Give me the grace to sustain this marriage or the mercy to leave it. In your precious Son, Jesus' name. Amen."

The microwave buzzed, and like a champ coming out of his corner, Esther came out of her daze. She looked down at all the food and remembered Roger's hurtful words. With purpose, she covered her plate and placed it in the refrigerator.

Marching through her living room, she picked up her purse and Bible and rushed out of the house. The cold towel pressed to her face, she was late for church.

(  Continued...  )

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Colette (Ford) Harrell
the author of the debut novel The Devil Made Me Do It is passionate about the written word. Holding a master's degree, she is a director of human services. Her creation and implementation of a health and energy medical program stands as a best practices model. Her philosophy of service is compassionate care through a spirit of excellence. A motivational speaker, she specializes in customer and human service workshops on state and national levels.  She is cofounder of COJACK Productions, a Christian entertainment company. As an active member of her church, Kingdom Christian Center, she serves in several ministries.

Colette is a wife, mother, author, poet, songwriter, and playwright. Her novel is a delectable read, where romance, suspense, humor, and the supernatural all come together to entertain, educate, and inspire.

A Detroit native, she currently resides in Ohio, writing with humor and compassion to engage and minister to the human heart. Her motto is: whatever you do, do it "for love alone."

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