POEM: Unapologetically Me by Carlet Horne

Unapologetically Me  by Carlet Horne

I may not have been as watchful
Or even as careful as I needed to be
And without much prayer
Brought people close to me

But with time brings about change
While its players may evolve
This game called life
Essentially remains the same

People come and people go
Evidently their season in my life has been completed
And I, in turn, must let them go
Before I, myself, become depleted

Depleted is not a pleasant place in which to be
It means therefore I have nothing left to give
Not to another living soul
And that includes me

So, before that day comes, there is a choice I must make
That choice is to live life for me
And in that life, live free
I choose to be…Unpologetically Me!

© 2014 All rights reserved. Poem reprinted with the permission of the author, Carlet Horne.  This poem is used for promotional purposes only. Do not reproduce, copy or use without the publisher's written permission. Copyright infringement is a serious offense. Share a link to this page or the author's website if you really like this poem.

Meet the Author
Carlet Horne
attended New York University and studied Business Administration and Education. Although her very first piece was written in 2008, she, thinking this was just a one-time occurrence, put her pen and pad on the shelf.  In 2010, in the timing of God, the gift within her was unlocked, and she began to write under the unction of God. “My writing has been used as a source of healing and recovery from hurts, wounds, and issues of my past and I pray that the same is true for those who read any of my work,” states Ms. Horne.

Today, she is a poet  and aspiring author, working on the publication of her first book of Christian poetry and a contributing poet writer for Promoting Purpose Magazine. Other examples of her work can be seen in Black Pearls Magazine and Inspired Women Magazine.  Website: www.ashespeaks.weebly.com