HOPEFUL by William Fredrick Cooper

by William Fredrick Cooper

Two words we hear so much. Along with Pain and humiliation, we travel in a land of selfishness, compartmentalizing God's gift to us all by utilizing components of LOVE. Kickin' it casually, we might miss the opportunity of a future dream by being afraid of the pain REAL LOVE can bring. But do we realize that in that pain lay the beauty of LOVE, for if your heart was sincere, then the hurt when disappointed is just as real.

To be HOPEFUL is to be so stimulated with optimism and possibility that all fear, frustrations and foul-ups go out the window. A man forgets that he's playing the field, a woman finally exhales, and both are held right and loved right.

I long to be HOPEFUL with you. I'll be there in your fantasies, holding you tight with all my might, trying desperately, with all I have, to love you right. Soaring through galaxies of pleasure and pain together, your past is irrelevant and mines, I hope, is moot as well. A PLAYER IS A PLAYER BECAUSE HE'S SCARED TO FEEL, and judging from my Comedy of errors, my player card should have been revoked long before I even though I could be one. Cornballs are never cool, but there's another reason.

The reason why is because I FEEL.  The reason why is I'm HOPEFUL.  You say that you always wanted to wrap your body tight with another and make love to the beautiful beat of raindrops as they fall on us.

I say we can start with the beat of our bodies connecting to music. TEDDY? LUTHER? MICHAEL? Translation: Both of us are HOPEFUL.

Your hips, hypnotic in their sway, have me curious, though my heart has been dipped in Gold. I wanna know, can we dance in the land of hard and soft, wet and welcoming, lust, limbs and love? Like two dancers in sync, I am HOPEFUL that love will sweep me away.

God, just make me ready. As I stated earlier, I AM HOPEFUL.

We both been thru some things, yet here we stand, HOPEFUL that God deemed it right. A three-fold chord is not easily broken, and with HIS guidance, what's developing here will be of spirit and truth. Searching long and hard, near and far, I've stumbled so many times looking for love. Good ones have slipped through my grasp, and I'm grateful that even while exiting my life, ladies spared my heart.

"You're Not Ready," was the familiar refrain. God Bless Them, because I could have been called worse.

Going to my FATHER in Prayer, I have asked for help in putting away childish things I hold dear, for behind the jokes lay a man that wants a love all his.

But Before God grants me LOVE with a woman, there must be HOPE. HOPE means not bailing when issues are discovered; HOPE means not placing value of material things, yet looking at potential and what's brought to the table. HOPE means taking a chance with your heart sans fear, and not worrying about an end result. HOPE means respect not attitude, honesty even when it hurts. HOPE brings an unspoken language that come when two attempt to be one. HOPE means PAIN (Positive Alterations Internally Needed) takes a backseat to the soft sensitive sounds that comes with femininity, and the Might that masculinity bred to provide and protect when surrending to that special woman.

HOPE means total SURRENDER, Brothers.
HOPE means SUBMISSION, Sisters.
Or is it just a start to LOVE?

If this is what we both want, then God's greatest Gift to us all, Love between Man and Woman, starts with HOPE.  Yesterday, I was in pain, thinking love may have passed me by.  Today I smile with the renewed warmth of a fighter who'll never give up on a great emotion. God, please continue working on me, for today, I am HOPEFUL.

About the Author
William Fredrick Cooper
is the author of the critically-acclaimed SIX DAYS IN JANUARY, the Essence/Black Expressions Bestselling novel THERE'S ALWAYS A REASON; and the author of ONE SEASON IN PINSTRIPES, a sports memoir chronicling the 2009 championship season of the New York Yankees. A dynamic speaker known for giving enlightening radio interviews, he has edited several award-winning novels and contributed to national periodicals such as Ebony Magazine and New York Times Bestselling Anthologies. A Brooklyn native and the father of Maranda Nicole Cooper, stop by Cooper's Facebook page (www.facebook.com/wfcooper), listen to some great music and say hello.

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