EXCERPT: Silver Bullets by Suzetta Perkins

Silver Bullets
by Suzetta Perkins

In this sizzling, exciting novel, four women show that age is just a number by seeking out new forms of pleasure, love, and romance.

Whether it be getting a tattoo, using whips and chains, or preparing dinner in nothing but stilettos, four divas—all best friends and over fifty years old—decide that they need to spice up their love lives. And they’re willing to go to any length to achieve it.

So Emma, Queenie, Yolanda, and Connie set out to get the pleasure they crave. For Emma, that means rekindling her sex life with her doting husband, who she decides to take care of for once. Yolanda, who is still turning heads and could have anyone she wants, finally meets a man who suits her tastes—but can she suit his? Queenie, who is fifty-eight and divorced, entertains her on-again, off-again male friend, sometimes preparing him a meal in nothing but a pair of four-inch heels. And Connie, who has never been married, is in love with a man who won’t put a ring on her finger. Will she be able to convince him to marry her?

As things start heating up, the ladies’ lives get sexier…and more complicated. And the four divas soon face more drama than they bargained for.

Excerpt from Silver Bullets


Queenie Jackson threw her designer pocketbook on the pink, Queen-Anne sofa, kicked off her black Manolo pumps, let out a sigh, and plopped down on the sofa next to her bag. She was exhausted from having to sing her solo part over and over again until she got it right during choir rehearsal at Shiloh Baptist Church. However, her exhaustion stemmed from a heated argument with her best friend and the choir director, Emma Wilcox, who said she’d seen her boo slipping into Minnie Smith's house.

A squeaking sound came from the kitchen. Queenie jumped up from her seat and ran toward the kitchen in her stocking feet. She grabbed her chest when she saw Linden’s butt bent over, extracting food from her refrigerator, as if he paid the bills at her residence. Linden was Queenie’s on again, off again boyfriend that she was through with and didn’t want to see tonight or any other night.

“What are you doing here, Linden?” Queenie asked, her hands hugging her pleasingly plump hips. “You scared the hell out of me, and furthermore, you can’t ride up in here anytime you feel you’ve got the urge.” Queenie shook her finger in his face. “I’m not that kind of sistah. This is my house, and you’re going to respect my space. I want my spare key before you leave here tonight.”

“Now hold your horses, Red. I don’t know what’s wrong with you, but I’m not going anywhere tonight but in your bed. I had a hard day at work, and I know you have something in this refrigerator that will give me a boost of energy so we can…you know…throw down in the bedroom tonight.”

Queenie stared at the six-foot, nut-brown, bald-headed brother, with the light-brown eyes thanks to his special brand of contacts. Linden Robinson turned sixty on his last birthday three weeks ago—February 29—leap year. He was well groomed and still maintained his relatively good looks and was in pretty decent shape, except for a slight limp he incurred from his days of playing basketball. “I’m not in the mood tonight, sugah. You tail has got to go.”

“Look, Red, I can whip it on you tonight. I’ve got the blue pills in my back pocket ready to rock-n-roll when you give the word. You might as well call that job of yours and tell them you won’t be seeing them tomorrow. Now give me some of that sweet, brown sugar.”

Queenie slammed the refrigerator door shut. She tried to push her argument with Emma to the back of her mind, however, vivid images of Linden creeping inside Minnie’s house formed in her head and wouldn’t let go. “I don’t care if you have red, green, pink, or blue pills, you won’t be touching my sheets tonight. Give me my key and get your sorry ass behind out of my house, now. Go to Minnie’s since you seem to be so comfortable with her and she evidently has what you need. I’m nobody’s stopover station.”

The look on Linden’s face didn’t faze Queenie one bit. “I don’t know what you’re talking about, Red. Your old-ass, gossiping girlfriends run their mouths and tell lies every chance they get. Yeah, I was over at Minnie’s…”


( Continued... )

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About the Author

Writing has always been in Suzetta Perkins’ blood. Her first published work can be found in her high school yearbook in which she was co-editor.  Suzetta is the author of nine novels—Behind the Veil, A Love So Deep, Ex-Terminator, Déjà vu, Nothing Stays the Same, Betrayed, At the End of the Day, In My Rearview Mirror, and Silver Bullets. Suzetta is President of the Sistahs Book Club and Secretary of the University at Fayetteville State University, her alma mater.

Silver Bullets (Zane Presents)
by Suzetta Perkins;  Women’s fiction
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