CHILDREN POETRY: Little Wisdom by Sumayyah

Little Wisdom by Sumayyah

This book of poetry and inspiration is truly a must have for people of all ages!

Little Wisdom is an inspirational book of poems from the mind of a nine year old girl. Some will inspire you and some will make you laugh. Sumayyah's book, Little Wisdom, has been on the bestseller's list since it was first published in August 2013.

Book Review for Little Wisdom by Sumayyah
"Little Wisdom by the very young and talented author, Sumayyah, is a book of sunshine, wisdom, hope, and truth. You can tell that every poem was written straight from her little innocent heart. With clarity and purpose, Sumayyah talks about many aspects of life like having friends, family, happiness, loving yourself and appreciating life. She even touches on the formidable topic of death which demonstrates the strong and courageous spirit that lives inside the mind of this young and motivational writer. It’s always a joy to see children who are driven and excited about life and actually put in the time and hard work to achieve their dreams. Sumayyah is a shining star and I encourage every boy and girl to pick up a copy of her book and get inspired. 5 stars"- Urban Books Authors and Writers of America.

About the Author
Sumayyah Muhammad is a ten year old straight A student who loves to write and read when she is not riding horses or playing with monster trucks. She is originally from Pennsylvania. She now lives in Virginia with her parents. She is the youngest of five siblings. She has an Italian Mastiff named Sharif who is her guard dog.

Sumayyah is slowly becoming a brand to empower the youth to be all they can. Sumayyah is an aspiring Olympic equestrian and published author. Currently, the design is being worked on for the Olympik Equestrian Center in Suffolk, Virginia. Sumayyah hopes the center will be a location for the youth in the local area to learn more about horses, these big but gentle creatures who want and need love. The center will also offer boarding and horseback riding lessons.

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