CHILDREN BOOK: ShoozyQ and the AB Crew: Bully on the Playground

ShoozyQ and the AB Crew: Bully on the Playground
by Michelle Spady (Author) and Bradford Spady (Illustrator)

Sometimes you can find a bully on the playground. This story about a bully on the playground is written in poem format. It is about a little girl named ShoozyQ and a group of her friends who call themselves the "AB Crew" which stands for anti-bully. They are against bullying and there is one on their playground who has been harassing them and their friends.

One day ShoozyQ and her AB Crew walk to the playground to confront the bully. You'll be surprised at the tools that they use to talk to the bully. There is a surprise ending. In the back of the book are activities for parents and teachers to use to talk with students about bullying; vocabulary; role plays, and discussion questions.

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Kindle Edition
ShoozyQ and the AB Crew in Bully on the playground by Michelle Spady

Paperback Edition
ShoozyQ and the AB Crew: Bully on the Playground
by  Michelle M. Spady

About the Author

Michelle Morgan Spady
, is a retired child care center owner, and teacher of English and Computer Technology. Ms. Spady loves reading and writing and tells many of her stories from her memories of days in the classroom, on the playground and professional training in peer mediation. She says that her writings are enriched by the illustrations provided by her artist son, whose love is in creating characters for her to develop in her stories. They work as a mother and son team.

Michelle Morgan Spady, Author & Publisher B'Artful, LLC
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