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How to Find Your Serenity Place by Kerri Herndon

How to Find Your Serenity Place 
by Kerri Herndon

My typical day begins at 5 am. Today, I truly look forward to rising before the sun and greeting everyone with joy. I must admit, it took me some time to find my morning glory. Blissful rest was always interrupted by insidious honking and silenced with with my right hand as I quickly hit the snooze button to give me at least 10 additional minutes of sleep. The plush purple toasty fur lined slippers that awaited the arrival of my feet to slide in to begin the normal daily routine, were very rarely in reach.
Next, as I waddled downstairs to grab the kettle from the stove, fill it with water for coffee (still yawning), dings from my iPhone alerting me to brand new emails, text messages, FaceBook messages and notifications and invites to events that I would never attend grab the first moments of my day.  As I pour the creamer in my coffee, my mind is already beginning to list out all the items that will be placed on the “to do list” creating…

Living on Purpose by Carolina Fernandez

For many years, I have been writing down my yearly goals into my trusty filofax. Always at my side, my red leather journal has been as much a part of me as my smartphone and my lipstick. Many would argue that everything can-and therefore should-be entered into one's phone: contact information, email histories, word documents, and yes, one's calendar. But for some reason-perhaps because my learning modality is slanted heavily towards the visual-I am not able to work my calendar from my phone; I need to "see" it. One week at a time. In color. And for that reason, I have relied on my filofax for nearly twenty years to not only keep me organized per a calendar, but to help me record-and regularly review-my written goals across all categories.

Especially now, with everyone seemingly examining their lives in the context of not only a New Year but a New Decade, it is important to reflect on those areas which are deemed most worthy of introspection. Here is how…

Zechariah 4:10 Big Goals - Small Steps!

Big Goals - Small Steps!

Does anyone dare despise this day of small beginnings? Zechariah 4:10 TM

While it's tempting to think that the amount of time required is too long, those days and years will pass - whether you're pursuing your goal or not! God wants you to heed His call, to show up for duty and leave the provisions - including the time, money, open doors, favorable relationships and material resources - to Him. If you do your part, He'll do His. The Psalmist writes: "No good thing will He withhold from them that walk uprightly" Psalm 84:11. Just trust God and take the first small step!

Is God nudging you to take small steps towards a larger goal?
Is it past time to return to school, change careers, or move closer to your long-awaited dream? Have you allowed excuses and fear to immobilize and constrict your next step? Alternatively, have you taken the first step towards fulfilling a lifelong dream? Did you decide to prayerfully count t…

Kinky Coily: A Natural Hair Resource Guide

Kinky Coily: A Natural Hair Resource Guide
by Pamela Samuels Young

This book will help African-American women with kinky hair learn the true beauty and versatility of their natural hair.

Have you been thinking about transitioning to natural hair, but don't know where to start? Then Kinky Coily: A Natual Hair Resource Guide  is for You! This book is a collection of the best resources to help you begin your natural hair journey. You'll find the books, the bloggers, tools, product and more. You'll learn how to develop a hair care regime, how to determine the tools and products you'll need and how to track your progress. Whether you have a relaxer, press 'n curl or you're already natural, Kinky Coily has something for you. So get ready to experience the true beauty and versatility of your natural hair.

Kinky Coily Excerpt

Transitioning to natural hair will require you to think differently about your hair. You’ll need to believe in the beauty and versatil…

Storytellers Blog Tour: The Last King by A. Yamina Collins

A. Yamina Collins is the author of the quirky short story collection The Blueberry Miller Files. A graduate of New York University, she lives in Manhattan.The Last King is her first novel, and it has already been in Amazon’s Top 100 Bestseller’s list in Fantasy, Science-fiction, Women’s Fiction Literature and Christian Women’s Literature. Check out her blog at

First of all, congratulations on your book, The Last King, being a top 100 bestseller on Amazon! Thank you. It’s actually been in the Top 100 Bestseller’s list in Fantasy, Science Fiction, Women's Fiction Literature and Christian Women’s Literature. I am very excited about it, especially since the book hasn't even been fully released, yet.

You're releasing The Last King in episodes, right? Right. Amazon has requested that I call the episodes volumes. So I am about to release volume (episode) 4 next.

Tell me about that process. Why release the book in pieces? Well, actually I'm taking something old a…

Ella Curry Interviews Dr. Maya Angelou-September 11, 2008

Maya Angelou: Letter to My Daughter
By Laura Major

Listen to the audio from the interview, fast forward to 13:30 for the interview.

With women making the largest strides in the arenas of politics, education, entrepreneurship and business, no other time is more poignant for Letter to My Daughter, Maya Angelou's poetic tribute to the emotionally adopted daughters who have touched her life. In response to the question regarding the reason for her tribute, she was quoted, "I gave birth to one child–a son, but I have thousands of daughters." No doubt with this poetic volume, Dr. Angelou will garner many more female supporters happy to draw upon her maternal wisdom.
On September 11, 2008, the seventh anniversary of a very scary and profound time in US history, Dr. Maya Angelou met with Literary Publicist and CEO of EDC Creations Ella Curry to discuss her gift of poetry to the world's daughters. When Curry further asked about the book's inspiration, Dr. Ange…