VIDEO INTRO: Humbled by Patricia Haley

Humbled Book Trailer
by Author Patricia Haley 

This title will be released on February 25, 2014

Humbled is the sixth installment in the Mitchell family faith-based drama series and picks up where Broken ended. Exhausted by constant fighting, the Mitchell family is basking in the midst of an unexpected truce. Joel has fled to Chicago to escape his failed marriage and business ventures. Excited about climbing out of his pit of despair, Joel is eager to get divorced and start over.

Tranquility is fleeting when he finds out that his wife, Zarah, is pregnant. Now he's faced with doing the right thing. The only problem is that he doesn't know what that is. Meanwhile, Zarah is willing to pine over Joel until he returns, certain the baby is going to solve their problems.

Tamara, the fiery Mitchell heir who's obsessed with empowering women, refuses to watch Zarah grovel for the affection of an undeserving man, even if it is her brother. As Joel teeters with a decision, Tamara prods Zarah to take the reins. Tamara's commitment isn't purely altruistic. She wants to buddy up, gain allegiance, and ultimately undermine the family business.

Will Madeline and Don survive this round of infighting or is this it? Only God knows what lies ahead for a family unwilling to forgive.

Get your copy of Humbled to find out what happens. If you're new to the series, start at the beginning with Anointed, Betrayed, Chosen, Destined, and Broken to catch up.

Humbled (Urban Books)  by Patricia Haley

Look for Unforgiving April 2015 as the saga continues.   Author website: