Book Excerpt: Tropical Fantasy by Monica McKayhan

Tropical Fantasy 
by Monica McKayhan


Can passion in paradise become a forever love? 
Sasha Winters has it all planned. She'll spend two days - exactly forty-eight hours - in the Bahama's for her sister's wedding. Then it's back to her hectic life as a lawyer on the fast track to partner. But when a storm strands her on an exotic island, Sasha's suddenly giving in to her sensual side and making moonlit magic with Vince Sullivan, a man she barely knows.

The groom's best man, Vince, hasn't given up on finding that special someone. It could be Sasha - if she'd allow herself to feel the full force of their chemistry. Determined to liberate the passionate woman behind the workaholic attorney, Vince storms every one of Sasha's defenses. Yet, can their growing love survive, even as a crisis forces Sasha to choose between her lifelong ambitions and a lifetime of love?

Chapter Excerpt from Tropical Fantasy

As much as Sasha wanted to play hard to get, she couldn’t. She’d secretly hoped that she would bump into Vince. He’d cluttered her thoughts all day – the intoxicating smell of his cologne, his eyes and that smile had haunted her. She’d wondered how he was spending his day while she was being pampered with the girls. Had he driven his rented Mercedes along the streets of Nassau, sightseeing? Was he a shopper? A fisherman? Did he play golf? Perhaps that was the thing that Vince and her father had in common. She’d found herself wondering these things and couldn’t for the life of her understand why.

Vince helped Sasha climb onto a stool at the poolside bar.

He asked, “What are you having?”

“I’m a wine girl,” she said, and then turned to the bartender,

“Your house Chardonnay please.”

“A black Russian for me, Jake” said Vince, calling the bartender by name.

“What is a black Russian anyway?” Sasha asked.

“Vodka and Kahlua,” Vince explained.

“Is it good?”

“It’s an interesting drink, with many variations,” he raised his glass after Jake set the drink in front of him, “this is a Black Russian. Add cola, and it becomes a Dirty Black Russian. Add ginger ale and you have a Brown Russian. Add a touch of Guinness beer, and you have a Smooth Black Russian,” his voice sultry as those last three words rolled off of his tongue. Smooth Black Russian.