Book Excerpt: Freshmen Fifteen by Jasmine N.H. Sheffield

Freshmen Fifteen
by Jasmine N.H. Sheffield

Do you remember your first?

Firsts are almost unforgettable... First day of school, first crush, first kiss, first love. No matter how dreamy or undesirable, you'll always remember your first rumble in the sheets.

Laila had plans of making her first time memorable on her high school graduation night, but those plans were thwarted by her jailed boyfriend. Now she's headed to college, a virgin. Although her top priority is to do well in school, to thoroughly enjoy the college experience, the horny beast inside of her is begging to be released. After all, her hand can only bring her so much pleasure.

While searching for the right guy to give her virginity to, her natural curiosity leads her to discover the pleasurable, and not so pleasurable, stories of her friends' sexcapades. Finally, she meets Chris, a sexy, senior, frat boy. Is he just a playboy or will he be worthy of taking her virginity?

Amazon Customer Book Review
4.5 out of 5 stars by Diva's Literary World

Laila is now a high school graduate and on this special night, she decides to give her virginity away to her long time drug dealing boyfriend, Travis. She had it all planned out except she wasn't expecting him to get arrested before she could even get to his house to indulge in their special act of love.

Pissed off and over Travis and his situation, Laila decides to embark on a new chapter of her life since she will be going to college in the fall. Once on campus, Laila totally forgets about Travis and has her eyes on a sexy senior named Chris. As her freshman year progresses, Laila develops feelings for Chris and decided to give him her virginity.

Little does she know, one of Chris' exes has plans to get him back. Who will Chris choose? Will Laila lose her virginity in her freshman year of college?

The author does a good job developing Laila and her friend's characters. I think a little bit more could have been given on Chris' background especially since Laila becomes so involved with him. I did enjoy the flow of the story as it gives you a realistic view of college life in regards to the dorms, parties and studying.
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Freshmen Fifteen Excerpt

My legs begin to shake again. I should have had another drink. I try to calm my nerves. Tonight is going to be everything I have ever dreamed.

With Tanya singing Kendrick Lamar’s Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe at the top of her lungs, I’m surprised I hear my phone ring. It’s Devon. On my phone? Why would he be calling me? I look over at Tanya as I answer the phone.

“Hey Devon, what’s up?” The background is really noisy, which is not what I expect if they are preparing the rooms for tonight.

Between Tanya singing and the background noise, I have to strain to hear him.

“Laila, it’s about Travis. He got picked up tonight...” I couldn’t have heard him say Travis got picked up. That can’t possibly be what I just heard.

“Say that again.” As he repeats himself, I drop the phone. I shake my head to fight back the tears that are forming at the sides of my eyes. Throwing my hands in the air, “Not tonight.”

Tanya picks up the phone from the seat. “Devon, what the hell happened? Where are you?”

Travis and Devon aren’t the boyfriends our parents would choose for us. They both dropped out of high school. Devon at least finished the GED program. I’ve tried to convince Travis to finish, but he just isn’t motivated. They are both small-time street pharmacists. Neither of them has been picked up on any serious charges...yet.

Tanya turns the car around and heads in the direction of Travis’ house. Looking out the window, the tears begin to flow. The breeze isn’t keeping me cool anymore, my temperature is rising. Of all the nights to get in trouble, why tonight?

Tanya reaches over and rubs my hand. Unlike the tears flowing from my eyes, the words I want to speak are stuck in my throat like a lump of food.

Tanya breaks the silence. “Laila, I’m sorry, girl. Devon said it’s serious. He thinks Travis had enough on him for the police to keep him for awhile.”

My mouth finally moves, but the only thing that escapes is a loud scream, startling Tanya. Travis has taken me through ups and downs. I stayed with him after my parents forbade me to see him, after he cheated, after all the lies. I just wanted tonight to be special. He couldn’t even do that.