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Children Book: From Sagging to Success by Florence M. Howard

From Sagging to Success 
by Florence M. Howard, Illustrated by Emery Franklin 

From Sagging to Success” is a message to urban youth and the adults who want to help them become extraordinary. Young people are unfairly judged because of their appearance and cultural misperceptions. They need to be made aware of the repercussions of sagging. Sagging pants even might be an indication of a sagging mindset or low self-esteem. A fictionalized character in book illustrations, Derrick goes from sagging to success as he learns about Black history, reads books read and written by successful people and changes the way he thinks.

He shares his new knowledge with his parents who also embrace a positive outlook, productive behaviors and principles of success. At the end of the book, Derrick and his parents have successfully transmitted principles of success to the next generation. The book is beautifully illustrated and the paintings were created first as a library gallery exhibit…

Intimate Conversation with Florence M. Howard

Intimate Conversation with Florence M. Howard

Florence M. Howard
is an accomplished, dynamic and compassionate visionary.  She obtained her first library card at the then-recently integrated Main Library on Peabody in Memphis .  Director of Community Affairs for WREG-TV, she established and ran the Knowledge Bowl quiz show and Emmy-winning Kids Count campaign for 12 years.  She obtained degrees in Journalism from the University of Memphis. Today, she is an author, publicist, event coordinator, and inspirational speaker. She opened her company, Secret Shop Communicators ( in 1999.

BPM: Name one entity that you feel supported you outside of your family.

Throughout my life, I have been supported by good people – trusted teachers, church members and friends.  Apparently, they saw something in me that I couldn’t see myself.  I am always amazed by the good things that people tell me about myself.  Thanks Goodness, I choose to believe them and not my own f…

Intimate Conversation with Andrea Foy

Intimate Conversation with Andrea Foy

Andrea Foy
is an author, speaker and coach.  She conducts workshops and seminars on topics such as: Women in Management, Leadership Skills for Women, Professional Presentation Skills, Self Esteem, Assertiveness, Diversity, Leadership Skills and Business Etiquette. Ms. Foy has been certified by the Professional Woman Network as a Professional Coach and Diversity Consultant.

Ms. Foy’s knowledge of business and professionalism comes from over 20 years of customer service experience working for companies such as McDonald’s, Sears, Delta and USAir Airlines, American Express Financial Advisors, Sharkey’s Modeling and Talent Agency the Federal Government. She is a member of Professional Women’s Network and the National Black MBA Association.  Among her many accomplishments, Ms. Foy has authored her first book, has a Bachelor’s in Communications from Wright State University and is working on her Master’s Degree in Business and Technology spe…

HIRE POWER by Andrea Foy

How to Find, Get, and Keep a Job
by Andrea Foy

HIRE POWER:  How to Find, Get, and Keep a Job  by Andrea Foy
Hire Power is a how-to guide that steps you through the process of landing the job you want—yes; want—to knowing when to leave for better opportunities. Geared toward the workplace neophyte, this book provides insight for the experienced employee too.

In Hire Power you will learn:

**  Basic business etiquette
**  The elements of a resume
**  How to complete an application
**  Appropriate and inappropriate attire for an interview
**  How to deal with coworkers, bosses and customers
**  How job performance can lead to great appraisals and promotions

Purchase HIRE POWER by Andrea Foy
Buy from the Author Website:
ISBN-10: 0981743692
ISBN-13: 978-0981743691

HIRE POWER Excerpt: Chapter 3
Applying for a Job

The first thing you want to do when starting a job search is DREAM!   Take time to decide what you want to do. Back in my parents’ day, people wo…

FREE KINDLE BOOK: Anybody’s Daughter by Pamela Samuels Young

Anybody’s Daughter
by Pamela Samuels Young FREE FOR DOWNLOAD ON KINDLE JAN.  22 AND 23 ONLY! Is Anybody's Daughter Ever Safe?

Based on the real-life horrors faced by thousands of girls, award-winning author Pamela Samuels Young takes readers deep inside the disturbing world of child sex trafficking in a fast-paced thriller that educates as much as it entertains.

Thirteen-year-old Brianna Walker is ecstatic. She's about to sneak off to meet her first real boyfriend—a boyfriend she met on Facebook. But Brianna is in for a horrifying surprise because her boyfriend doesn't exist. Instead, Brianna unwittingly becomes the captive of a ring of drug dealers- turned-human traffickers who prey on lonely girls from dysfunctional homes. But they’ve made a big mistake in targeting Brianna because she doesn’t meet either of those criteria.

Brianna’s Uncle Dre, a man with his own criminal past, is determined to find the niece who is more like a daughter to him. Rather than sit back…



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Using author interviews as the theme for each show, book lovers get a first-hand look at the “behind the book” news, as the authors and host, Ella D. Curry, share the storyline of new book releases. We …

A is for Anacostia by Dr. Courtney Davis

A is for Anacostia 
by Dr. Courtney Davis

A is for Anacostia
is a fun, colorful alphabet book for children of all ages. The story highlights the youth and activities in the Anacostia neighborhood, a vibrant community located in the southeastern quadrant of Washington, DC.

Book Review for A is for Anacostia 
“A is for Anacostia is an interactive and enjoyable book for children of all ages. It’s a great model for engaging youth to take pride in their community.” - Jon West-Bey, Executive Director, American Poetry Museum

About the Author
Dr. Courtney Davis
has been an avid reader since she was a young girl. As the daughter of parents who valued reading, she was surrounded with books, magazines and opportunities to create stories. She has a passion for working with students in urban areas helping them unleash their potential to become change-agents in their communities. Dr. Davis has also been a practitioner and advocate for children with disabilities and their families for mo…

Intimate Conversation with Dr. Courtney Davis

Intimate Conversation with Dr. Courtney Davis

Dr. Courtney Davis has been an avid reader since she was a young girl. As the daughter of parents who valued reading, she was surrounded with books, magazines and opportunities to create stories. She has a passion for working with students in urban areas helping them unleash their potential to become change-agents in their communities. Dr. Davis has also been a practitioner and advocate for children with disabilities and their families for more than 15 years. These experiences inspired her to create books that encourage children to read. A native of Chicago, Illinois, Dr. Davis now happily resides in Historic Anacostia. This is her first picture book. Visit her online at

BPM: What led you to become a children’s book author?
As an educator and resident of Anacostia, I worked in a local elementary school in Ward 8. While working with Pre-K and kindergarten students, I wanted to find a way to con…

Intimate Conversation with Jamila T. Davis

Intimate Conversation with Jamila T. Davis

Jamila T. Davis, author of the Voices of Consequences Enrichment Series is a self-help expert, motivational speaker and a women's prison reform activist, who is currently a federal inmate. At age 25, she was a multimillionaire, high-flying real estate investor with ties to the hip-hop world. At age 31, she was sentenced to 12 1/2 years in federal prison for her role in a multimillion-dollar bank fraud scheme. While imprisoned, Davis has helped to change the lives of many through her inspirational books and cautionary tales based on her real-life experiences. For more information on Jamila T. Davis and to check out her latest memoir The High Price I Had To Pay visit or
BPM:   Introduce us to your book, She's All Caught Up and tell us what makes it unique. 
Hello, my name is Jamila T. Davis. I am the author of She's All Caught Up, which is a memoir about my childhood. My book is…

Intimate Conversation with Jasmine Sheffield

Intimate Conversation with Jasmine Sheffield

Jasmine N.H. Sheffield, a loving mother and wife, is a resident of Virginia. She is a graduate of Florida A&M University where she received a B.S. in Computer Information Systems. She went on to receive her M.S. in Management Information Systems from the University of Illinois Springfield. Freshmen Fifteen is Jasmine’s debut novel. She has also written a self-help book titled Journey after School: A Guide to Starting Your Career and Managing Your Finances. She has enjoyed the writing process and has other books on the horizon. You can visit her website for more information.

BPM: Introduce us to your book and the main characters. What makes each one special? 
In Freshmen Fifteen, Laila who is graduating from high school has planned to lose her virginity to her boyfriend. But, on graduation night when it is all set to happen her boyfriend is arrested. With her boyfriend away, Laila goes to coll…

Intimate Conversation with Bobby Cenoura

Intimate Conversation with Bobby Cenoura

Bobby Cenoura is a literary artist born and raised in the Washington DC area. He holds a bachelor’s degree in business and social sciences. Bobby has been an avid storyteller since his early childhood. He is also familiar with black market economics. Bobby’s literature, influenced by experiences and imagination, is called “quasi urban”. In addition to street literature, Bobby also plans on ushering in a genre he calls “Male Angst”, which deals with men’s dating issues.

BPM: Introduce us to your book and the main characters. What makes each one special? Do you have any favorites?
There are four main characters, Marcus Richardson, Kim Han, Tyrell Jones, and Delonte Harris.  Marcus Richardson is in his early twenties during the main events in the book. He is the primary character that the story revolves around. He is special because he is street smart and book smart—a fisher of men. He adapts to his surroundings, and he knows how to han…

Intimate Conversation with Monica McKayhan

Intimate Conversation with Monica McKayhan

Monica McKayhan
writes adult and young adult fiction and currently has 11 titles in print. The first book in her young adult series, Indigo Summer, was the launch title for Harlequin's imprint, Kimani TRU. Several of her Kimani TRU books have appeared on the American Library Association's Quick Picks for Reluctant Young Adult Readers for consecutive years and ALA’s 2013 Popular Paperbacks for Young Adults. Indigo Summer also received a film option. Tropical Fantasy is her first romance title.

BPM: How did you initially break into the publishing industry? What road did you travel? How do you feel about self-publishing? 
MM: I was actually a member of a Toastmasters club learning to speak publicly. I knew that I was very close to breaking into the industry and as such needed to sharpen my public speaking skills. In Toastmasters, I met a man who was personal friends with a National Bestselling author. He told her about …

Intimate Conversation with Sonja Lewis

Intimate Conversation with Sonja Lewis

Author of The Barrenness, Sonja Lewis has appeared on CNN and The Tom Joyner Morning Show. She has also been featured in Black Enterprise, and in the media in Canada and the United Kingdom. A former reporter for The Albany Herald (Georgia), Sonja has also written for British newspaper The Guardian. Currently, she writes a blog for the Huffington Post, UK. A member of the Society of Authors, Sonja lives in London with her husband, Paul.

BPM: Introduce us to your book, The Blindsided Prophet, and the main characters. What makes each one special? Do you have any favorites?
The Blindsided Prophet is the story of a modern day prophet who is caught unawares by a tragic event when he is a teenager. This alters his life forever. Fifteen years later, at God’s bidding Isaiah Brown returns to Coffee, GA, to unravel the tragedy, make reparation and prevent an even worse tragedy.

The main character, Isaiah Brown, is probably my favorite because h…

Intimate Conversation with Wali Akidele and Andrew Jones

Intimate Conversation with Wali Akidele and Andrew Jones

Wali Akindele was born and raised in North Philadelphia's Nicetown/Tioga section where he quickly learned dedication and perseverance. Fast forward to 2011 when he received a yellow envelope from the Curran-Fromhold Correctional Facility, inside was an untitled, unfinished manuscript sent by his close friend and now label mate Andrew Jones, who shortly after received a life imprisonment sentence. Wali believed in this untitled work of art so much that he read the unfinished novel three times. 
Finally mustering up the nerve to put his pen to the paper he completed the manuscript and named it “15th District Chronicles of the 19124.” After receiving accolade for his first attempt at writing he penned two more features, a short story called “Tha Choice is Urs....Memoirs of The Block,” the first edition of “Tha Choice is Urs” series, and “Milligrams A Philadelphia Epidemic.” Out of his love for literature and his n…

The Colors Trilogy by K.R. Raye

The Colors Trilogy  by K.R. Raye
The Colors Trilogy
follows three college friend as they strive for their goals.  There's: Naïve, romantic, biracial Melody Wilkins who aims to find true love at college just like her parents. Melody brings the heart and sense of hope to the story.  No-nonsense Imani Jordan strives for good grades and a chemical engineering degree. Imani's the common sense, tell-it-like-it-is conscience.  Lance Dunn is only serious about two things: football and protecting his girls, Melody and Imani. Lance is practical and fiercely loyal; he keeps them grounded with the male perspective.

Book 1. The Colors of Friendship:  Three college friends search for true love, NFL fame, and a successful engineering career.  Will one friend’s quest for happiness endanger all three of their lives?  After the torrents of jealousy, sex, and abuse subside, will their friendship survive…The Colors of Friendship? 

Book 2. The Colors of Love:
  After their lives are threatened, thre…

Jamila T. Davis' Memoir She's All Caught Up

She's All Caught Up by Jamila DavisShe's All Caught Up is a cautionary tale for young people enamored by the fast life and the older folks that love them. This memoir tells of the negative influences that swayed the early life of author Jamila T. Davis (creator of the Voices of Consequences Enrichment Series). She is currently serving a 151 month sentence for her role in a multi-million dollar bank fraud scheme.

Young Jamila grew up in a loving, middle class home. Her hardworking parents, the Davises, overcame the barriers of poverty and racism faced by African Americans in the segregated South. From the back wood shacks of the rural south, the Davises migrated north, making Jamaica Queens, New York their new home. They drove themselves relentlessly. By education and endless hard work, they attained their portion of the American dream.
Purchase your copies. Available formats: epub, mobi, pdf, rtf, lrf, pdb, txt

Featured Adult Read: Twisted Vows of Seduction by N'TYSE

Twisted Vows of Seduction  by N'TYSE

Previously in Twisted Seduction, thirty-two-year-old Denise Jackson sacrifices her nine years of marriage to pursue a three-year affair with her multimillionaire client, Greg Adams. To keep things intact, she orchestrates the perfect twisted diversion by allowing her husband and best friend to carry on a full-fledged affair. But once everyone's dirty mattresses gets aired out, every player in the game starts to feel the heat, and what seems to be picture-perfect happiness is inevitably one twisted illusion.

One year later in Twisted Vows of Seduction...
Still mourning the death of his lover, Denise, Greg Adams conspires to leave his wife, Vivian, for a woman who resembles his departed mistress. Could it really be that his true love has come back to him, or has he fallen victim to a twisted game of deceit and seduction clandestinely arranged by no one other than his own vengeful wife?
A torrid affair …