Speak Author Speak: Culture, Politics and Our Future

Diversity Is Not To Be Feared
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- 8:00 PM All Booked UP Panel Discussion

“I know there is strength in the differences between us. I know there is comfort, where we overlap.”
— Ani DiFranco

Books by African American writers should be read around the world, which is our belief! We bring wonderful stories to the minds and imaginations of everyone. We have stories to tell, using our voices and our experiences, that speaks to all races and cultures. This panel brings together event planners, online media sources, respected columnists and bookstore owners to discuss the diversity found within our literary community. Our stories are stories that can be embraced around the world.

During the Bonding Thru Books Literary Festival, we will introduce readers to cross-genre books meant to be enjoyed by ALL READERS, period! We want readers, all readers, from all races, to appreciate the work of authors of color!

The panelists will discuss how various events and tradeshows are amazing platforms for authors who are recognized as having cross-over books. There are events that are beneficial in sharing cross-over books with their audience. We are aware that there are authors that are totally targeted to African American readers. We will discuss that and find out why they decide to only target African American readers.

* Social Media Networking: It Takes a Village
* A Community Call to Action: Literacy NOW!
* What are the Benefits of Attending a Diverse Selection of Events
* Challenging the Myth White Readers Won't Read Books by A.A. Authors
* Benefits of attending Comic-Con 2014, Book Expo America, RT Booklovers Convention, Sisters in Crime Inc. Conference, National Bookclub Conference, Romance Writers of America Conference and Congressional Black Caucus-Author’s Pavilion.

11/21/2013 - 9:00 PM  Speak Author Speak: Culture, Politics and Our Future

“The first duty of a man is to think for himself. ” —José Martí


The Bonding Thru Books Literary Festival will address issues that are important to the survival of our nation. We have recently marked the 150th Anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation. But are we really free? This intensive panel discussion with authors and community leaders will discuss why we as a people continue to struggle around issues of divided homes, racism, economics, health disparities, education and more.

When people have trials in their lives, they tend to work on resolving them by focusing on what went wrong. There’s nothing wrong with asking this question, but more importantly we want people to seek ways to resolve the issues! We firmly believe that investing in our community is the key to creating success for us all. If we can help a few, we can save many!

Lasting change can only be achieved when people have access to both knowledge and resources. We bring you people who are not just "talking the talk" but have been through the darkness and are now living in sunshine!

This panel of four male authors will explore hot-button topics and strategies to increase the life chances of African Americans. The recent verdict in the Trayvon Martin case has elevated national discussions on the health, safety and vitality of young African American males. The speakers will address this topic and many more that affect the stability of our children’s future. Each author will share how authorship has affected their career, platform, and has expanded their voice within and outside the Black community.


* Is it Really Bullying or Kids Need Coping Skills
* Dreams That Won’t Let Go: Saving Our Youth
* Are We Free: 150 Years after the Emancipation Proclamation
* Conveying Hope to the Hopeless: Mentoring Troubled Youth
* How do you feel about 12 Years A Slave and The Butler? Did the movies help or hurt us?


Discuss the article “Who is Black?” By Rosa Clemente

My Blackness is one of the greatest powers I have. We live in a society that devalues Blackness all the time. I will not be devalued as a human being, as a child of the Supreme Creator.  I am so tired of having to prove to others that I am Black, that my peoples are from the Motherland, that Puerto Rico, along with Cuba, Panama and the Dominican Republic, are part of the African Diaspora. Did we forget that the slave ships dropped off our people all over the world, hence the word Diaspora?   — Rosa Alicia Clemente is a Bronx born Puerto Rican woman. She is a community organizer, journalist, Hip Hop activist and the 2008 Vice-Presidential candidate with the GREEN PARTY.