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A designer and creative artist for over 30 years, S. D. Ferrell has discovered a passion for writing and a knack for storytelling. Having grown up on a small hobby farm with six sisters and one brother, she was able to seek inspiration from her childhood experiences and found subtle ways to reflect upon them throughout her novel. The Valley Time Forgot is the first book in a new fantasy adventure series called The Whipple Wash Chronicles and S.D. Ferrell's debut novel.

Miss Ferrell currently resides in Ontario, Canada with her youngest daughter, is working on the second book in the series The Shadow of Erebos and has designed the first collectible character from the book, Isla the Elfkin.

The Whipple Wash Chronicles  by S. D. Ferrell
The Valley Time Forgot (Volume 1)
Link: http://amzn.com/1489528962

Lord Canvil of The Moors of Erebos has conquered the Northern Kingdoms and along with his army of Venom Horde and demon fireflies, is now making his way south to The Whipple Wash Valley; the stronghold of the Southern Kingdoms.

Once he conquers it, the other kingdoms will fold and surrender to his tyranny and cancerous thirst for power. However, there is one thing standing in his way; Jasper, a curiously odd little fellow that is no bigger than the size of a man's hand and the unlikeliest of heroes. Jasper escaped from Canvil, and was making his way home to the Whipple Wash Valley when he became stranded in a strange forest with no memory of how he got there.

At all cost however, he must find his way home and warn the Seven Elders, and the Whipple Wash Fairies of Canvil's plans to take over the southern kingdoms. Join Jasper on his epic adventures through The Valley Time Forgot where he will meet other beings that have their own ideals of who is friend, who is foe, and what side of the impending war they will choose to fight on.

Fantasy Adventure Series, The Whipple Wash Chronicles
More details from the author:  http://whipplewashchronicles.com/the-chronicles